IFBB Figure Pro Dina Al-Sabah joins HARDBODY.com Team & Featured as IRONMAN Cover Model

Dina is a long time friend of the crew here at hardbody and we’re happy to welcome her to the team. Dina is a welcome addition and will have a featured column, “Bedroom Banter”. She’ll answer your questions and address some of the hot topics competitors are afraid to discuss. This column will be an extension of her podcast with the same name that will begin in the new year. Look for Dina’s first contribution in the next couple days.

I’m happy to give the first look to the January 2008 issue of IRONMAN magazine, featuring none other than Dina! The newest issue should be hitting the shelves in the next few days. This is cover number four for Dina. The shoot came about when Ron Avidan, Lonnie Teper (LT), Sherry Goggins and myself were tooling around Las Vegas looking for Sherry’s hotel. What should have been a 10 minute drive turned into a couple hour tour. Ron’s directions (or lack there-of led to our confusion) but that’s what I get for listening to him. While we were all going bonkers, LT asked Dina if she’d shot with Michael Neuvex with IRONMAN and to his surprise she hadn’t. LT put the wheels in motion and Dina rolled out to LA for the shoot. The cover speaks for itself and Ray Charles could see why we’re fans of the Dino.

Congrats and welcome aboard D!

Dina Al-Sabah on the newest IRONMAN Cover. Thanks to IM for the image.

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