American Gladiator named Blast is revealed

Seven new female American Gladiators were cast for the new series beginning on January 6th, 2008 on NBC.  We have not had the complete list until now. Here they are

  • Venom – Beth Horn
  • Siren – Valerie Waugaman
  • Stealth – Tanji Johnson
  • Fury – Jamie Reed
  • Helga – Robin Coleman
  • Crush – Gina Carano

and the last Gladiator…

  • Blast – Jenny Berry

We will write more about Jenny Berry in an upcoming post, as Jenny also has an interesting past!

Also, you can check out the latest commercials and pictures at this link…

And read more about the tryouts, the set, and Ron’s experience at this link



  1. […] For the first season of American Gladiators we know there will be two alternate Gladiators in case a regular one gets injured or has other obligations whatever they might be.  The male alternate Gladiator is ‘Hammer’ (Michael Briehler) and the female alternate is ‘Blast’ (Jenny Berry) according to  Male Gladiator Michael Briehler is a fresh face recently out of college from Rider University Business School where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship studies.  Nothing is known about Jenny Berry but some folks are saying Miss America Jennifer Berry could be her but I doubt it very seriously.  Check out Michael’s biography page for more. Tags: Blast, Hammer, jenny berry, michael briehler […]

  2. Meet the Gladiators

    Your new female American Gladiators are:

    Crush – Gina Carano
    Fury – Jamie Reed
    Helga – Robin Coleman
    Siren – Valerie Waugaman
    Stealth – Tanji Johnson
    Venom – Beth Horn

    Blast – Jenny Berry

    This according to and Americ

  3. […] Gina Carano is one of the few women in MMA who has had any type of “mainstream” appeal. She not only has a hard body, is a bit of a bad ass but has the looks to match. She hasn’t fought in months but it hasn’t stopped her appeal with the fans. Gina has appeared in a variety of fitness magazines and she was part of the failed attempt to revitalize American Gladiators. […]

  4. […] women’s MMA” for years however she hasn’t fought in quite some time. She was an American Gladiator until the show was canceled. Gina’s appeared in Muscle & Fitness, ESPN BODY issue, Super […]

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