Champion Nutrition & TapouT Team Up

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more supplement companies looking to tap into the success of the MMA world. Champion Nutrition takes a bold step by teaming up with TapouT, one which no other supplement line has done to date.

Good move? Only time will tell but if you were going to partner with a successful brand in MMA, TapouT is a logical choice. You’re sure to see a TapouT shirt or hat at any bodybuilding/fitness event and go to a MMA event you can’t blink without seeing the logo.

GRAND TERRACE, Calif., Apr 28, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — TapouT, the premier mixed-martial arts apparel, gear and lifestyle brand, announced today a licensing agreement with Champion Nutrition to offer sports enthusiasts TapouT Sports Nutrition products. Under this relationship, Champion Nutrition will design, distribute and market the Tapout Sports Nutrition brand to all retailers in the United States and abroad. TapouT Sports Nutrition products will be available in mass-market retailers beginning this summer.

Read the Full Press Release Here.

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