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Firm Lifted Buns in Just Three Minutes

This ridiculous commercial guarantees you’ll have great legs in just three minutes. WHAT? YES, it’s a “three minute miracle”! Oh and let’s not forget if you use this you will get “firm lifted buns” too! This $200 piece of crap cracks me up. Sorry, my bad if you order right away it only costs $149.95.

The things people think up…

Thanks to Tiffany from for the tip.

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  1. Thats hot!

  2. lmao. that should be for women who are over 65 or have serious knee problems. but even so some 65 year old women can kick my butt in athletics even though i do rigorous workouts. not to mention, didn’t one of those women do incorrect squats? the knees TOTALLY went past her toes. terrible ad.

  3. LOL I actually saw this commercial late last week and was going to e-mail you about it and forgot !! I figured you would for sure get a kick out of it. Who needs squats lunges and deadlifts when you have 3 minute legs!!! LOL

  4. Even the commercial takes more than 3 minutes.

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