Meet Hardbody Contributor Cindy Whitehead, The Sports Stylist®

I’m stoked to have one of the hippest women in the fitness industry join our growing list of Hardbody contributors. Meet Cindy Whitehead aka The Sports Stylist®. I started “following” Cindy on twitter (SportsStylist) a few months ago and found she has a sense of humor I gravitate towards, plus she keeps it real. After doing a little bit of research I found there was more to this woman than a few amusing tweets. Who is she and why should you care? Check it out.


Where do you live?
Hermosa Beach, California

What do you do and what’s it entail?
I am the fashion director at Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine as well as a freelance stylist working with pro, Olympic and amateur athletes for advertising, editorial and catalog shoots. So no matter what apparel, shoes or gear, I am using or shooting; I get to see up close & personal what athletes like… what works for them and what doesn’t. My job is to make the day go as smoothly for the athlete as it does for the photographer and client.

What did you do before you became fashion director for HERS?
I was a professional skateboarder back in the day, then I was a fashion stylist for young celebrity talent in Hollywood. About 12 years ago, I created a niche where I work as a Sports Stylist® with all types of athletes for advertising, catalog and editorial shoots. Since my position as fashion director at HERS is  freelance it allows me to continue to do that work as well.

How does someone go about becoming a fashion director – did you go to school for it or how did you end up in the position?
Most people start by assisting a fashion stylist and learning everything they can. From there you build a client base and work as a stylist on your own shoots. The most important thing in being a fashion director (or fashion stylist) is having an eye for what looks good on each person’s body (not just what you like for yourself) keeping up with new lines (I am always researching!) and having a wide selection of apparel at each and every shot to choose from.

How do you stay on top of what the latest trends are in fitness/sports?
I look at probably 30 various magazines a month – everything from fitness publications, to European high fashion as well as specific sports magazines. Blogs are a great source of fashion inspiration and there are many of those I have bookmarked and visit daily. I also get invites to show rooms to see new apparel lines before they are out in the public eye. I love finding new things that no one else has seen or photographed yet.

What’s the coolest part of your job?
Working every day with new people who are motivated, positive and fun. Athletes are some of the hardest working people I meet and I have total respect for their dedication to their sport. I also love working in new places and seeing new things – since I shoot on location 98% of the time its great for that!

Awesome. Thanks for coming on board to contribute your insight and tips with the readers of Hardbody.

Check out Cindy’s web site at and stay updated via her blog at You can follow her adventures and more tips on her twitter account (SportsStylist).

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.