The Diet Detective: Butter Me Up

The Diet Doctor has a great tip about butter and ordering from a restaurant. Check it out.

Butter Me Up
Even if something isn’t doused in oil, you still may not be calorie-safe–it can have added butter or cream. Toasted buns are often covered in butter; even steaks have butter drizzled on them before they’re sent out. “And restaurants always finish sauces with butter or cream–even if the words butter or cream aren’t in the sauce’s name. For example, a white wine sauce is always finished with butter,” says Cooking Light’s Strynkowski.

Healthy tip: Be suspicious, be inquisitive, and make sure to get a straight answer from the server (who should ask the chef). Always invoke the “allergic reaction” or “medical condition” excuses to be on the safe side.

– Tip by Charles Stuart Platkin on

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