G’s Tip of the Week: Quench Your Thirst

IFBB Figure Pro Gina Aliotti has a helpful tip to keep in mind. I’ve heard a few people put cucumber in their water. Any Hardbody peeps like that?


We so often confuse thirst with hunger. Rather than turning to food, if it is not your meal time, opt for water and see if dehydration was the issue. Give yourself at least 15 minutes, after you hydrate, and if you are still hungry, then go for one of your clean healthy snack options. If you need a little extra flavor in your water, simply drop a few slices of cucumber, apple, lemon or even a handful of frozen berries to your water, for that little bit of extra flavor! 🙂 Dehydration could be what is making you hungry. Drink before you eat and see how you feel.

Gina Aliotti-Silva
Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.