Mum mum mum mah Lady Gaga Tour Rider Includes Protein Bars & Muscle Milk

It seems Lady Gaga and her crew have a healthy side to them or at least it appears that way according to some of the items listed on her tour rider. has a story about the demands and requests artist make while on tour.

Some of the items listed on Lady Gaga’s Tour Rider:
• Organic ginger and lemongrass tea
• Two bottles of white wine, ideally Kendall-Jackson or Robert Mondavi
• A small plate of non-sweaty and non-smelly cheese
• Organic peanut butter
• Organic salsa
• Organic tortilla chips
• Splenda (not sugar)
• Vegetarian hot dogs
• Non-fat Greek yogurt
• Protein bars
• Muscle Milk
• Two cases of water (not Dasani — no explanation why)

What do you think… will we soon be seeing Gaga’s fans (known as her little monsters) drinking Monster Milk?

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.