Arnold Blog: Dina Al-Sabah’s Singapore Trip

IFBB Bikini Pro Dina Al-Sabah reports in after her trip to Singapore. She shares how she manages traveling and prepping for the Bikini International.

Thinking Outside the Box!
Next stop Singapore…and since I am a world traveler and have always had to make do with scrounging for food at various destinations I am used to coming up with solutions. My flight to Singapore was fantastic as I flew the new A380 and even had my own bed. The crew were very upset that I was not going to indulge in all the goodies they had on board, but they dealt with it gracefully.

Bed on flight to Sinapore. NICE!

Once in Singapore, I was itching to try the local fare. I knew I could still enjoy myself and stay on my plan. I had to eyeball my portions but after having weighed my food daily, I know what 3/4oz of chicken looks like..I know what my portion of carbs looks like. Armed with information about the various glycemic index of different fruits and carb sources (along with my blackberry) it was a breeze. For meal 1, where I normally ate a carb and a protein plus some fat, I indulged in congee with chicken. Congee is a rice porridge cooked with rice, water and ginger..nothing bad there. The chicken was steamed plain and I made sure it had no skin. I also ate a whole egg Singapore style (soft boiled) so that I got my bit of fat and some extra protein. I absolutely LOVED my morning meal. The rest of the day I focused on sashimi (I ate some of the most amazing tuna), and green veggies (think lettuce, seaweed, spinach).

The gym had the basic cardio equipment and a Technogym Kenesis unit which catered to all my needs. I did my plyos outside overlooking the water which made them all the more fun to perform.

One of several amazing views on trip.

My favorite part of Singapore other than the shopping, is the availability of some amazing foot massages. My poor feet were quite tired after all the cardio I was doing and all the heels I was wearing (A glam girl has got to have her heels). I got the most amazing foot massage in a tiny hole in the wall. It hurt like all heck, but after I felt like I was walking on clouds!

– Dina

Dinworth chil’n in style on his way to Singapore.

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