Dina Al-Sabah Checks in from the Road

Dina is traveling non-stop it seems but that doesn’t prevent her from getting in her workouts. She updates us from the 5 week point. Check it out.

Since my return from Singapore I have been home and able to focus on getting enough sleep, eating and spending quality time at the gym. This is the period where self doubt starts to creep in. I come from a Figure background so I freak out sometimes as I feel I am not doing enough cardio. In Bikini, my tendency has been to be on the leaner/harder side which is not desirable so I cannot do as much cardio as I used to…which in turn makes me freak out…sometimes I find myself trying to rationalize hitting the treadmill just a little bit more and it is a constant struggle not to do it…as is the struggle to get the booty and hams tight but not be too hard everywhere else.

Cardio at home.

On the more entertaining front, I had a great conversation with Berns of Passion Fruit Designs and cannot wait to see what she comes up with for my suit. Though I am being judged on my physique the whole package must look impeccable. I also have my hair and make-up artist booked for the day – this may be overkill but I prefer not sharing and not stressing over when I need to get my make-up done etc. I already have my tanning appointment booked as well… So all that is left is to pack what I call my “care box” – more on that later.

I am now headed to DC, where I get to spend a week at my favorite gym Vida Fitness… I just love it there. I am then sneaking in a trip to BombShell HQ so that my fitness Momma can make sure I am on track.

Note for anyone flying on United… if you forgot your food, the Lite snack pack has 3oz tuna and unsweetened apple sauce. Just chuck out the chocolate pretzel.

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.