Skechers’ “Shape-Ups” Super Bowl Commercial – The Message Sucks

The one time of the year that people purposely tune in for television commercials is the Super Bowl. This year was no different as millions watched the most expensive ad buys of the year. Most of the commercials were lackluster but they weren’t as bad as the sound of the Black Eyed Peas’ half-time performance or Christina Aguileria’s botched National Anthem. Although, Skechers comes close with their Shape-Ups “Bye-Bye Trainer” Super Bowl spot.

Skechers brought on reality TV star Kim Kardashian to promote their shoes. It could be seen as a smart move as she has a large mainstream following. Anumber of women have dole me that they like Shape-Ups are they’re good workout shoes. Although, I question Skechers commitment to fitness with the message they use in this spot. Sure, dudes might like it but women are the one buying the shoes and they completely alienate women in the spot. Guys, buy your woman Shape-Ups and you can stop worrying about her leaving you for her trainer.

Kim was a spokesmodel for Reebok’s version of toning shoe – Easy Tone a couple years ago. Why would Skechers enlist the very woman who was promoting a competitor’s shoe? Had they talked about why she dropped Easy Tone for Skechers perhaps it would make sense. As it is now – not so much. It looks like they are trying cash in on the latest craze of “toning shoes” but totally miss the boat with their Super Bowl spot.

The spot begins with Kim being mounted by a hardbody lad, her moaning, sweating and grasping her breasts. Sex. Yes, it’s often used in commercials because it sells. It’s an easy route to take in advertising, which is why it’s done so often. It requires little creativity or originality.

Kim is the only one who talks and it goes…

I don’t really know how to say this, other than to just say it.

You’re amazing.

The best I’ve ever had but things just aren’t working out.

Well, that’s not completely true.

I am working out.

(pan to her rear assets and hold)

It’s not someone else.

It’s something else.

(show sketchers shoe)

Bye-bye, Trainer. Hello, Shape-Ups

End with an awkward ending of a less handsome fella and Kim saying, “nice shoes” as he ties his own pair of Skechers.

I’d like to see Skechers use their shoes to promote fitness and training instead of claiming their shoes should replace a trainer. As most of you reading this know, it takes far more than a pair of shoes to become a hardbody. Kim is beautiful, the shoes look pretty slick but the message sucks.

For that, Shape-Ups gets our “C’Mon Man!” Award for the Super Bowl.

What did you think of the spot?

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.