Dina Al-Sabah: Cranky…Tired…Hungry

IFBB Bikini Pro Dina Al-Sabah shares her final guest blog before trekking to Columbus. Dina has competed in Columbus before but on the Figure International stage. Read what Dina is feeling/thinking with less than one week to go.



Cranky, tired, hungry…hungry, tired, cranky… tick tock… hurry up food clock… that is how I have been feeling for the last two days. It is as if I have a furnace burning and I am STARVING by the time I finish my meal. I cannot make it past 2pm without wanting to fall asleep. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to look at anyone… GRRRRRRR Last week I was dealing with a huge lack of self-confidence and general unhappiness with the way I looked. This week though I have overcome the self-confidence issues, I am faced with a general restlessness and a sense of wanting to cry every 5 minutes.

Due to my crazy  schedule, I leave to DC on Saturday and from there head out to Ohio on Thursday March 3rd. The good news is that I wont have to deal with jet lag in Ohio, the bad news is that I have to deal with making sure all my stuff is packed and ready to go right away.

First, my care box… this is the box I ship to the hotel for my show. In it I have sheets, towels, back up shoes, supplements, sweat pants, tanning pajamas and whatever else won’t fit in my carry-on bag as I refuse to check my luggage.

Next, I pack the essentials into my carry-on… these are the things I absolutely cannot replace… like my PassionFruit Design suits (I take a back-up just in case). I also have meetings to attend in DC so I have to make sure that I have clothing packed for those as well… and have my meals planned. I pack my Yammit dried sweet potato along with my nuts as I have found that it is fairly easy to find a clean protein source, but harder to find carb and fat sources that my body can tolerate since I have food allergies and intolerances. I know that many of you wonder how I manage to travel so much and yet stay focused for my shows, and my answer is meticulous planning and always having a back-up plan should anything go awry.

I am already thinking of my post contest meal. Steak and wine is really all I want, and just thinking about it makes me salivate.

See you in Columbus!


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