Legend, Elizabeth Taylor Dead at Age 79

Elizabeth Taylor has been an iconic figure in Hollywood for decades. Often appearing in the tabloids for her on again off again relationships (married eight times) and her weight battles, Elizabeth should be remember for more than gossip fodder. She started her movie career at a young age and remained a star until she passed. She was was actively involved with charity work, especially her own AIDS charity, and showed that she was more than just a two-time academy award winning actress. .Elizabeth died Wednesday at age 79 in Los Angeles, California.

Elizabeth battled with weight and openly talked about it in her book. She talked about going from glamorous to overweight and the how she lost the weight. Amazon.com has the book available if you’re interested in it. Mind you the book was published in 1988, but there appears to be some solid insight that stands the test of time and still relevant today.

Elizabeth Taylor: The Queen and I, is pretty spectacular collection of images. Check it out.

Book elizabeth

Elizabeth Taylor: The Queen and I is a remarkable collection of Gianni Bozzacchi’s photographs of Elizabeth Taylor, most of them previously unpublished, capturing her as a film star, a woman, and a personal friend. It was 1965 when Bozzacchi, an impetuous twenty-two-year-old, was given the chance of a lifetime. The streetwise kid from Rome was sent to Africa as special photographer on the set of The Comedians, a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Alec Guinness, and Peter Ustinov. As the film wrapped, Taylor offered Bozzacchi a job as her personal photographer. Elizabeth Taylor was the world’s most famous woman at the time and undoubtedly its most glamorous. Her marriage to Richard Burton claimed international attention, and together they were the quintessential jet-set couple. Bozzacchi was to work with Taylor and Burton for the next eleven years. They opened the door to their world for him , and his own talent, drive, and artistic style earned him extraordinary success. Publications wanted his services, as did the movie and fashion industries, celebrities, political figures, and the merely famous. Bozzacchi was awarded the honor of International Photographer of the Year three times and became a celebrity himself, the subject of magazine layouts and television interviews. – Barnes & Noble.com

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