WWE Diva Kaitlyn Joins Hardbody

I’m stoked to announce our newest Hardbody contributor, NPC Figure competitor turned World  WWE Diva Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn will be sharing her tales from the road, how she trains and look behind the scenes as a WWE Diva. She has the looks and the personality to match, making her one of the hottest new female stars in the WWE.

Kaitlyn’s Corner:

Well here I am… Dripping sweat, starving and about to wet my pants in seat 7A…. Headed to Harrisburg, PA.

I guess I should explain myself. I don’t normally wet my pants, in case that’s what you were thinking. I’m flying to Harrisburg to tape an episode of Friday night SMACKDOWN. I am currently one of the newest Divas on the roster.

So I arrived at Tampa international Airport to catch my flight, as I do EVERY week and my flight is delayed. Sweet. So half an hour later, I board my flight and just as I pass a screaming baby and think to myself, “I dodged a bullet there, glad I’m not sitting next ‘Stinky McTantrum'”. As I find my row, I’m thankful to have a window seat. Ok, the man in the middle seat seems normal. He looks a little like a hill-billy but who am I to judge? I sit down, put my seat belt on and HOLY FEBREEZE!! What is that smell?? If a donkey and gingivitis had a baby… This is what it would smell like.

This man, who I nick-named “Halitosis Harry (ass)” has clearly missed his monthly bath and most likely uses manure as tooth paste.

So I remind myself that things could be worse (not likely), but I always try to stay positive. It’s only an hour and forty minutes. As the plane went into descent and only 10 minutes to go, I was very thankful that we had a safe flight and that I was able to mask some of the odor by eating an entire pack of Orbitz sweet mint gum (which will undoubtedly give me gas later).

So the plane touched down and I turn on my phone while trying to think of something dumb to post on Twitter.

“Crap”. (that’s not actually what I said… But it’s close enough). It was 5:29 and my connection was going to take off at 5:52! When we got to the gate, I jumped up frantically trying to get to the front. Hey, I don’t care, I’ll push a baby! Especially if he was crying the whole flight. I was not going to get stuck in Charlotte, NC for the night. That means that I would have to fly to Harrisburg in the morning on a TV day.

TV days are ridiculously long and not to mention hella stressful. Plus my bags would be going to Harrisburg without me. That means my clothes, hair products and my cooler with all my food, (of course I bring my food on the road. Once a fitness girl, always a fitness girl), would be out of touch until the next morning.

So, I grabbed my carry-on and held on to my low-rise jeans and sprinted from gate B7 to gate E25! I made it in just enough time to have the yellow strap pulled in front of me and the gate door closed. The lady at the desk wasn’t bothered in the least that I had embarrassing pit stains and was pretty much completely out of breathe.

Man, I do interval sprints! Why the EFF was I struggling to breath? Whatever.

So I begged and pleaded and she let me on and she couldn’t have been more disgusted with the idea of actually helping someone out.

So that brings us up to now. I am so grateful to be sitting next to this clean elderly gentleman, who is quietly reading and smelling very pleasant. I am grateful even though I didn’t get to eat or use the bathroom and now I’M the one that smells like a hill-billy.

My life as a Diva is amazing, exhausting, rewarding, challenging and the best job in the world, but it is most definitely NOT glamorous. I have had the most incredible, (good and bad) experiences and I’ve only been with the WWE for just short of one, whirl-wind year.

My luggage didn’t arrive until 3:00 am… So I did what any HARDBODY would do… And worked out in my wrestling boots at the hotel gym. The first thing I learned about flying: always have your gear, wrestling boots, one dress, a set of workout clothes, make up and undies in your carry on bag for occasions such as this.

That’s all until next time Hardbody peeps!

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