Women Looking Buff is Bad?

Good Morning America (GMA) did a piece on Women who are toned or “too toned” in their words. Recently Cameron Diaz was seen rock’n a Hardbody and that has people up in arms. God forbid a woman eat healthy, workout and have abs. GMA’s Lindsey Davis “investigates” the topic.

There wasn’t a lot of investigating in the segment but check it out.

It’s rather amusing that they show bikini competitors as an examples of “too buff”. NPC Bikini competitor Summer White is interviewed in the piece. She placed 5th in her class at the NPC USA Bikini Championships.

It’s pathetic that mainstream media wants to paint being toned as a bad thing. I say go F yourself if you think Cameron Diaz is “too toned” and if anyone has an issue with women looking buff, they should take a long look at themselves first. What do you think Hard Body Nation?

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.