Dianna Dahlgren Does Dallas

IFBB Bikini Pro Dianna Dahlgren has positioned herself as one of the top models in the biz and now she’s looking to do the same on the competitive stage. She hasn’t competed since last year’s Bikini Olympia and she was a little off her best there. What will we see from the California girl this weekend in Dallas? Can she bring the same swagga she shows in her photos to the stage and overtake the Bikini Olympia champ, Sonia Gonzales? DD checks in as she heads into this weekend’s Dallas Europa Super show.


Wow! I can’t believe where the time has gone! Is it really August already!? Right now in my life I am very happy!! I’m closing in on the last days of prep before I head into the Dallas Europa and I am so ready for it! I have been working very hard for the last few months and I’m excited to see what will happen next weekend! For those of you who keep up with Hardbody.com you will know that I was supposed to do the New York Pro back in May and unfortunately I couldn’t pull myself together in time! It was very heart breaking for me, I am very hard on myself for things I don’t do when I say I am going to do them. But NY Pro was not the right time for me and I am so ecstatic that I have chosen Dallas Europa as my first show of the year! I have not competed since last year’s Olympia, so my overall goal here in Dallas is to just have fun! Get on that stage, work it, and wait for those judges to call my number! 🙂

The past few weeks have been some of the hardest, mentally. Nutrition and diet is the most important during your prep and I tell everyone that this is my biggest challenge of competing! So during this prep I have learned so much about dieting and what works for me. Learning your triggers and what to stay away from, I haven’t had to do this in over a year! So I forgot what it was like in some situations. I travel a ton for work, my second home is an airplane and a hotel room LOL but I have surprisingly made it work great for my program and didn’t make excuses! Got it handled!! So here we are, only a few days left of workouts before I fly out to Dallas. I’m finalizing all the ‘TO DOs’ of competing in a show. Flights, Hotel, Hotel Roomie (Brooke Mora! YAY), Tanning, Make up and Hair, Suit, Shoes… and POSING POSING POSING!

I’ll keep all of you updated on the show so make sure to follow me on twitter! @diannadahlgren or you can go find me on Facebook! I’m just so thankful, my support system has been amazing and Ive been treating myself very well, so I feel great headed into Dallas, not a worry in my mind! See you all there!


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