Hardbody Interview: Sonia Gonzales Bring’n it Back

The reigning Bikini Olympia champ, Sonia Gonzales is taking the stage this weekend at the Europa Supershow in Dallas. She was a little off her game at the 2011 Bikini International but she went back to the drawing board and is back. Will we see a new and improved Sonia? I saw a sneak preview at the NPC USAs when she was poolside doing a photo shoot and I can honestly say I’ve never seen her look better.  I caught up with the Bikini champ for a quick interview, read what she had to say.

Where ya living these days?
Hang’n in wine country… Temecula CA

You’re there just hanging out looking purdy or you still doing nails?
I’m still working in the salon p/t,, I love the beauty biz!!!

You’re the reigning Bikini Olympia champ – why compete in the Europa Supershow?
I wanna do a lil warm up.

Some peeps have criticized you saying you had no booty. I saw you doing a photo shoot with JM Manion in Vegas and looks like you rounded your rump. What workouts have you been doing to build your butt?
Ha, the booty? Funny you ask !!! All I’m going to reveal or say is that I had a very productive off-season and the booty got some TLC!!!

Have you changed your nutrition at all since the Arnold?
Yes I’ve a few cheat meals, I enjoyed my self!!! Good food and good times with friends and family.

Some thought you were a little off at the Bikini International, do you feel this show you are better than in Columbus?
Most definitely I work with Kim Oddo who is my nutritionist and trainer. We went back to the drawing board and made a few tweaks, and we are very happy with my progress.

What gives you the edge over your competition this weekend?
My determination, focus and love of the sport !!! Swagger baby!!!

One of the secrets in your and Adela’s arsenal is the waist cincher. I heard some of your competition started using this, will this help them beat you?
HAhaha Bring it!!! Their Cincher is tight, but mine is tighter!!!

When you hear your fellow competitors talk smack does it distract or motivate you?
Honestly I just last laugh. All that means to me is they are insecure. A little class goes a long way!!!

You’ve trained with Kim Oddo for several years, what’s the biggest benefit of having a trainer like Kimbo in your corner?
Kimbo… anybody who knows would say this trainer/nutritionist has a sixth sense about him. He definitely knows his stuff. He’s a perfectionist and he takes the guessing game out of it. He treats every competitor the same and his attitude is to WIN!!! He’s amazing!!! I’m forever loyal!!

Will you be 100% for this show or are you saving your best for the Olympia?
100% every show!!!

What will you be eating backstage before going on for prejudging?
I won’t know till game day !!!

New suit or no?
Nope, why change what works!!

Who makes your suits?
Chynna dolls, CJ swimwear and illusions by Aggie.

How long will we see Sonia Gonzales competing in Bikini?
I haven’t ever put a time limit on it.

How much cardio are you doing a day?
Maybe 20 mins

What song is cranked up in your headphones?
Some stuff by Adele, Rhianna, Eminen, a lil of everything

Anyone you wanna give a shout out to?
Just want to thank you to my family, friends, FMG, Kim Oddo, GNC and God !!! Thank you for all the love support.

Thanks Sonia and good luck.

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