WWE Diva Kaitlyn’s Corner – Spread Some Positive Juju

Our favorite WWE Diva, Kaitlyn checks in with her newest blogsky. Despite being on the road, or in the air, non-stop she’s live’n and love’n life. It can be easy to get caught up in all the annoying little things in life but in this installment she reminds us all that being polite and positive can go a long way to creating a happy place.

From Kaitlyn:
So here I am. Seat 8C, on a flight to Los Angeles, CA. I’ve had a crazy week of travel. East coast to West coast, West coast to East coast, Midwest to middle earth somewhere… My body is tired and my mind… Well, I lost it going through security at Houston’s Bush International airport.

Kaitlyn hit Muscle Beach while in LA. She’s looking HARDBODY!

I boarded the plane really early, got comfy and sat back to watch everyone find their way to their seat. Ok, I didn’t actually “sit back” because for some reason most airlines think it’s funny to make the seats so uncomfortable that it feels as though you are actually leaning forward. Anyways, back to the action.

First, I watched the ridiculously uptight flight attendant controlling the flow of traffic at the the front of the plane. If her lips were pursed any tighter, she would look like the “bitter beer face” guy. She was in no mood for shenanigans. Annnnd since “Shenanigans” is my middle name, I decided that I wouldn’t be bothering her at any point during this three hour tour. She was barking orders at passengers, acting so inconvenienced to have to help anyone put their bags away. I’m pretty sure she eats babies on her lunch break. I covered my mouth and nose in order to prevent myself from catching her contagious negativity.

Bitter Beer Face guy.

Next, I got eyes on the very overweight man squeezing into his window seat, nearly crushing the pelvis of the terrified man in the middle seat. Come on man, let the guy get up to let you by. He didn’t ask for a lap dance… To spite how erotic that may have been. Then this jumbo jerk had the balls to rudely get the flight attendant’s attention by snapping his fingers. What possibly could have been so important you ask??? He needed a seat belt extender!! Ugh, have you no shame!?

Now we get to the super jacked guy lugging his bags in one hand and balancing a fast food bag, a 30 oz soda, and some sort of man purse in the other hand. By the way, I’m not knocking the man purse. It’s sort of looks like my new satchel… you know like Indiana Jones, but cooler. Anyway so this guy struggles on past me with all of his belongings and then realizes he’s supposed to be in first class. Wow. So he turns around shoving through people still trying to make it to their seats. Plowing through women, children, cute puppies. (ok, there weren’t any puppies). He clearly has his mind set on the double McHeartAttack sammich in his hand.

All three of these characters, in the ongoing situational comedy that is my life, have one thing in common. They all have very little manners and had little or regard for others. Many other people were effected by these jackasses and their actions. The flight attendant was rude and belittled undeserving passengers. The heavy mouth breather guy nearly crushed the man next to him and possibly molested him. He also showed very little respect to the innocent flight attendant. The big muscle head pushed people out of the way and felt it was his right for one reason or another. Maybe he felt this way because he was chiseled like a Greek God or maybe just because his mama didn’t teach him any manners. Who’s to say that everyone who was directly effected doesn’t do the same thing to someone else just because they had a bad experience and it dampened their day?

I guess what I realized is that having a bad attitude and little regard for people around you is like having the flu and spreading your germs to everyone around you. I know I don’t want your bad attitude bird flu germs.

Thumbs up during the WWE Summer Slam.

The point is that if negative energy spreads like wild fire, imagine what a little positive juju could do. I strongly believe that doing nice things, smiling and even just having some manners goes a long way. It’s also makes you feel good about yourself. This flight was A little reminder to myself that no matter how little sleep I’ve had, how achy my feet are from uncomfortable shoes or how bad my face hurts from the wrath of feisty female wrestlers, being positive and polite goes along way. Spread the love peeps. It will probably make your day a little happier, your workout a little better, and your overall outlook a little brighter.

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.