2011 Olympia Day One Photos & Recap

The 2011 Olympia has begun. Stay updated on here and Bodybuilding.com for complete coverage. Day one is in the books and now the action gets into full swing. Check out the photos on Bodybuilding.com.


The athletes had their meeting where they are briefed on what the weekend has in store, the schedule and how things will be run. Ron Avidan and I were on hand to snap photos and some women were very friendly, most were cordial and only a couple wanted nothing to do with having their picture taken. Part of this weekend and being a professional is having your photo taken whether you like it or not. When asked for a photo, one bikini competitor said, “I don’t want my picture taken. I don’t want any pictures.” Guess what sweetie, you can either pose for a photo or I will take one any ways. So this particular competitor held up her folder in front of her face for her photo. Nice job. Two figure competitors wanted nothing to do with being captured by my lense and didn’t bother to look up or acknowledge it was there. That’s fine. Again I’ll snap your photo and you can play the game despite your disdain for me or not. The majority of the women were delightful, smiled and in good spirits.

I mention the examples of not wanting to be bothered because at this level you are expected to be a PROFESSIONAL. If you come to meetings without your hair and make up done, that’s fine I get it but you know by now people will be there taking your photo. At Meet The Olympians some competitors acted as if they’d rather be stabbed in the face with dull pencils. You’re carb depleted, tired, hungry and smell like tanning.  get it but at the end of the day it’s about building your brand and interacting with fans. If fans stop caring, guess what no one will want your picture and no one will sponsor you and then what? You’re left sitting at an empty table eating cold fish and no one will care.

Aight so that’s my rant for the day. My hope is more competitors get past how tired and hungry they are and enjoy the Olympia Experience. Thousands of women would kill to be in that position. Check out photos from Day One here on Bodybuilding.com!

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