Kaitlyn’s Awesome Adventures: Mexico Edition

We caught up with our favorite WWE Diva Kaitlyn to see what was crack-a-lack’n. Well besides being McAwesome she’s continued to travel the globe and made her first trip to Mexico. Check out her latest blogsky exclusive to Hardbody.com.



Thanks for joining me for the all new, (and first ever)…

*Awesome Adventures of Kaitlyn: Mexico Edition*

Day one of our short tour began on a Thursday. I got up at 6:00 am and walked a few blocks to the gym and got in a sweet Hardbody workout. It would come to my realization later on, that I am an idiot for getting up so early on a day of international travel AND the same day of our first show.

We flew out of Dallas on a private charter around noon. The best thing about that last sentence isn’t that we flew out of Dallas and it’s not the time of departure neither. We flew on a private charter like rock stars straight into Monterrey, Mexico! Our usual travel from live events, tv days and pay-per-views are normally brutal. We fly into the location of our first show and then we drive… and drive… and drive some more. So this was pretty amazing to get the chance to feel so important, especially for someone as easy impressed as myself.


View of Mexico.

So we arrived in Monterrey and we took a charter bus to the arena for our first show of the tour. We had police escorts surrounding us the whole way. So baller. When we arrived to the arena for show, there was already droves of people waiting to get in hours before Showtime. The experience is extra special for the fans because they don’t get the chance to see live shows very often. Little did they know that this was exponentially more exciting to me because this was my first time to experience Mexico with the WWE. It’s a good thing I reconsidered wearing the sombrero. It’s a little over the top.

The peeps at the arena had a good selection of healthy things to eat…along with ridiculously tempting Mexican delights as well. I stayed away from the beans, enchiladas and anything spicy. I’d compare eating that combination of foods before a wrestling match as something similar to a time bomb.

Once the show got under way, the crowd was electric. When the fans are excited, it makes us excited and makes for an awesome show.

After our main event, we all showered, slapped some clothes on and jumped onto the bus and headed back to our charter jet. We landed in San Louis Potosi and arrived at our hotel about 4:00 am. This was about the time I asked myself why in the hell I got up so early. At least I got my workout in, I had no idea what our gym access would be the rest of the trip. I dropped my bags, turned on the Spanish Disney channel and passed out. I was clearly too lazy to search for the English channels. I figured maybe I’d learn some Spanish in my sleep.

OH YA That's ME!

The next day I still had no knowledge of the Spanish language. Damn It! We all had breakfast and jumped on a shuttle to get a workout in before the next show. We pulled up to an Olympic training facility! Oh snap. It was just a cardio day for me but I couldn’t resist playing with all of the cool stuff they had.

Our next show was outdoors in a baseball stadium at night. Holy air horns, the fans were even more enthusiastic than the night before. Side note: Latin men are big fans of a muscular woman. This is a fact. Needless to say, my quads have a great fan base in Mexico.

Ok so yada yada… Bus… Plane… Hotel…food.. No sleep… Friday morning…NEXT SHOW ! Veracruz had a full baseball stadium of excited fans! It was HOT! Our resident ginger badass, Shaemus, had to wrestling in his under armor shirt to save his sensitive white skin from a severe burn. I was very pleased with this. A big, white, jacked wrestler with fire red hair, wrestling in small trunks and a long sleeve shirt.


In Action & No, I'm not breakdancing.

After the scorching show, we cleaned up in some sort of makeshift shower that looked like a port-a-potty. Since we were outdoors, everything was in tents. Pretty cool experience, plus we had A.C. And electricity. Not too shabby. Then, we flew straight to Mexico City for Raw tv that same night. Whoa. Luckily, Smackdown was taped at the same venue the next day, so we got a little sleep that night.

The following day Smackdown tv had 11,000 people in attendance! I had the honor of wrestling a singles match. It was unreal. That is the most people I’ve performed in front of yet! I also got a mic on the way down to ring. Let’s just say I learned enough Spanish to call my opponent “fish lips”. I was very pleased with myself. I won the match with a sweet leg submission. The crowd went wild. This is easily the highest point of my career thus far.

So in conclusion, Mexico is beautiful… even though I only saw it from the plane, the bus and the hotel room. I had the time of my life, learned some impressive Spanish (boca de pescada: fish lips), won a match in front of 11,000 people with a sweet submission hold using my legs (I give the people what they want), and avoided Montezuma’s revenge.


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