2012 Arnold Invite Application Process

The 2012 Arnold Sports Festival is quickly approaching and in just a few weeks we’ll know who received invites to the prestigious event. Those of you unfamiliar with the IFBB portion of the weekend it consists of (the ladies at least) the Ms. International, Fitness International, Figure International and Bikini International. There typically 15 women, give or take a couple, selected for each division.

How does the process work?
Anyone who is in good standing with the IFBB Pro League and has paid their annual dues can submit their application to be considered. If an IFBB pro intends on submitting for the Arnold they must first indicate their interest in the event with the IFBB Pro League office. Each pro receives a contest calendar with their IFBB Pro League renewal letter.

Once the Arnold Sports office receives the list of athletes who wish to be selected, they cross check with the IFBB Pro League office. They must match up and if an athlete has not submitted their paperwork with the pro league office it could effect their chances of being selected.

Pros should provide the Arnold Sports Festival with their competition background and any competitive success they have had in their career. Athletes may also wish to mention anything of significance that would help further their case in being selected. The packets that are sent in vary from athlete to athlete and don’t need to be elaborate. Once all the applications are received and confirmed to be in good standing, a selection committee votes to help form the final list.

Athletes can send information to:
Jim Lorimer
Arnold Sports Festival
1215 Worthington Woods Boulevard
Worthington, Ohio 43085

Again all Athletes should indicate their desire to the IFBB Pro League office upon receiving the list of 2012 contests.

Those “chosen ones” are based on a number of criteria, however the competition history and placings are a driving force. Arnold Amateur winners are often invited based on that alone. A selection committee, made up of over a dozen industry experts, vote on the list applicants. Typically those with the best scores make the short list, however it’s not always the case. Mr. Lorimer ultimately has the say in who gets in an invite because, well it’s his show.

More information on the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival – http://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com

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