Abby Wambach Named AP Female Athlete of The Year

Congratulations to USA Women’s Soccer star, Abby Wambach for being named AP Female Athlete of the Year. Abby helped lead the U.S. soccer team to a runner-up finish and help revive America’s interest in women’s soccer. The 31-year old Wambach is the first individual soccer player, man or woman, to be win one of the AP’s annual sports awards, which began in 1931. She collected 65 of the 214 votes cast. A distant second in the voting was Wambach’s teammate, Hope Solo (38 votes).

ap female athlete of the year

Wambach is a competitive yet humble athlete. I had the opportunity to meet Abby at the ESPN W + Women’s Summit this summer and you could feel her passion when she spoke. It’s not an act it’s who she is as evident in her comments to the Associated Press. “I’m not a person who cares much about (individual) awards, but I really appreciate you guys recognizing this team,” Wambach said. “It helps keep this sport alive, and it’s really important.”


Lead photo via AP youtube video show within.

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