Video: Lolo Jones 12 Years for 12 Seconds

USA Track & Field star Lolo Jones is one of our favorite hardbody women to follow on twitter (LoloJones). If you’re not following you her you’re missing out on hilarious interactions with her fans. She may be a bit of a jokester but rest assured she’s all business when it comes to running hurdles.

Via Lolo’s Facebook page:
At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lolo was favored to win the 100 meter hurdles. In the final, she was pulling away from the pack when she clipped the 9th hurdle (of 10) and stumbled, breaking stride to drop her back to a 7th-place finish.

Imagine training for that one race, only to have one mistake keep your from it. In this latest video from her sponsor Asics, Lolo shares how she is battling back from a spinal surgery and determined to win Gold at the Olympics. As she says, she’s trained 12 years for 12 seconds.

“I’ve had time’s where I wasn’t number one and I fought and crawled to become number one.” – Lolo Jones.

Props Asics America.

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