National Physique Committee Announces March Athletes of The Month

The National Physique Committee (NPC) has added a new section to that will showcase an athlete of the month from every division. NPC Chairman, Jim Manion will select an Athlete of the Month based on information provided by contest promoters. Encourage your local NPC promoters to get involved in with and you will have a chance at being one of the selected athlete each month.



PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA (April 12, 2012) – George Peterson, Sheena Ohlig, Amber Leon, Amber Masino, Michael Anderson, Kelsie Bergin and Glenese Markes have been named the National Physique Committee’s Athlete’s of the Month for the month of March.

Each month, NPC Chairman Jim Manion will select an Athlete of the Month in each of the organization’s seven  divisions – Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Fitness and Men’s and Women’s Physique -  based on the information provided by contest promoters across the country and featured in the NPC News Online Contest Roundups every Monday.

“It was really the first full month of the NPC contest season, and we had some great athletes to choose from,” Manion said. “I was able to see a few of these athletes in person and was very impressed with the talent level in all of the divisions. It just goes to show how much the NPC has grown and continues to grow. Congratulations to all of the athletes who were selected.

Men’s Bodybuilding: Peterson, 27, from Jamaica, Queens, won the Light Heavyweight and Overall title at the Steve Stone New York Metropolitans on March 31 after a four-year layoff from competitions.

Women’s Bodybuilding: Markes, a former figure competitor who hasn’t competed since 2008, won the Overall at the Steve Stone Metropolitans on March 31.

Bikini: Bergin, competing for the first time, won the Overall at the Ronnie Coleman Classic on March 24. Bergin is 25 years old.

Figure: Masino, 31, won the overall at the Vancouver USA Naturals on March 24.

Fitness: Leon, 28, won the Overall in Fitness at the Vancouver USA Naturals on March 24.

Men’s Physique: Anderson, 39, won the Tall Class and Overall at the Natural Ohio Championships on March 24. Anderson has now won the overall title at his last three competitions.

Women’s Physique: Ohlig, 27, from Collingswood, New Jersey, won the Overall title in Women’s Physique at the Steve Stone Metropolitans on March 31.

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Allan Donnelly
NPC News Online

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