MMA with Momo – UFC 146 Predictions

IFBB Bikini Pro Monique Ricardo is back with her MMA predictions for UFC 146. The fight takes place Saturday, May 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada. When Momo isn’t training for a bikini competition, she’s kicking ass on the mat. Monique trains alongside headline fighter Junior Dos Santos so you can be assured she’s legit. Check out her picks for this weekend’s main fights.

MMA with Monique

Hey Hardbody buddies,
I don’t know what your doing this Saturday but I will be in downtown Dallas watching the UFC heavyweights throw down! This Saturday, UFC 146 will feature an amazing card. The exciting part is the payperview fights will be all heavyweights, a first in UFC history. The interesting thing about heavyweights is that they weigh over 230 pounds, that means any punch or kick can knock a mofo out. That makes me think about when Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked out a camel on “Conan the destroyer” LOL. So if you are not doing anything don’t miss this fights. My team mate and friend Junior dos Santos will be fighting Frank Mir, I hope he knocks his teeth out hahahhaha just kidding… maybe lol! Here are my predictions for this card.

Struve vs Johnson –
I’m gonna go with Struve aka skyscraper on this one…this guy is very tall like 7 ft something from the Netherlands. I have seen this guy about to lose and pull a horseshoe out of nowhere! This guy is very lucky.

Miocic vs Del Rosario –
Del Rosario for the win this should be a brawl fight!

Nelson vs Herman – Def goin with Nelson here….judging by Herman’s last fight Nelson is motivated to win this fight because he wants to get back on top to shoot for the belt!

Velasquez vs Silva –
Velasquez for the win… he is quicker than Silva and more aggressive. Just a bad match up for the big foot. Even though I like Bigfoot because he trains with our team, I don’t think its a good match up for him because the guy (Cain) is really really fast and prolly going to take down and ground and pound!

Dos Santos vs Mir – Being a team Noguiera member, this fight is really special to me because Dos Santos will be fighting Mir, who beat his master(Noguiera) with a nasty kimora breaking his arm. Mir talks a lot and has gotten really full of himself lately! I can’t wait for Dos Santos to knock him out:) I have witnessed live, his heavy fists and his Jiu jitsu skills dominate his training partners! This warrior packs a lot of power.A lot of fans (especially me) will hope for Dos Santos to avenge his teacher with this fight!

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