IFBB Toronto Pro Super Show – Hardbody Preview

This weekend the women of the IFBB will head to Toronto Canada for the Toronto Pro Super Show. This three day even begins on Friday and lasts through Sunday. The Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini and Physique will take place on Friday and the Figure will be held on Saturday. All three days will feature an Expo and various events throughout the day. The Bikini division is one of the deepest line-ups of the year and one of the most competitive we’ve seen. Each division will have a few seasoned veterans to the stage alongside some promising rookies.


The competition will be fierce in each division and the judges will have their work cut out for them. Fitness will be dominated by Canadian competitors and defending Champ Jodi Boam is in the lineup with a target on her back. Look for Fiona Harris & Danielle Ruban to make a run at dethroning the champ. One dark horse in this line up is Jacklyn Sutton-Abrams. This is her IFBB Pro debut and riding high after overall wins at the NPC Emerald Cup and JR USA. Can she hang with the big dawgs? We’ll find out on Friday.

IFBB Pro Fitness:
Jodi Boam
Sherry Boudreau
Allison Ethier
Vanda Hadarean
Fiona Harris
Whitney Jones
Somkina Liudmila
Tiffany Robinson
Danielle Ruban
Jacklyn Sutton-Abrams
Tanis Tzavaras
Nichole Venzara

This isn’t the deepest line up for Figure we’ve seen but it will make for an interesting top five. Gen Strobo wasn’t at her best at the Pittsburgh Pro and will look to return to the winner’s circle once again. Natalie Waples has been up and down in the placings and will hope for a first call-out in this show. Look for Alesisha Hart to be in the mix for the top five and one woman to keep your eye on is rookie Jessica Farrelly. Jessica turned pro at the 2011 NPC USAs and will be making her pro debut here. She has nice shape and if she can come in tight enough look for her to have an impressive debut.

IFBB Pro Figure:
Leah Berti
Natalie Calland
Becky Clawson
Ginette Delhaes
Yolanda Esteso Sauri
Jessica Farrelly
Marie Gibbon
Aleisha Hart
Catherine Holland
Tracey MacDonald
Mona Muresan
Gennifer Strobo
Louise Rogers
Rosalind Vanterpool
Natalie Waples
Janet Lynn West

Bikini will be the toughest event of the weekend. Whoever finishes in the top five here will position themselves as the division’s elite. The odds on favorite has to be Dianna Dahlgren after her placings last year. This is her first time competing this year and if she brings a similar look to this stage that she brought to the Olympia stage, she’ll be the one to beat. Yeshaira Robles has finished in the top three at her last two shows and will look to keep that streak alive for a third time. Jessica Paxson returns to the stage once again and will look to move into that top call out. Michelle Brennan had an impressive debut at the St. Louis Pro and will be a contender once again. Leigh Brandt and Justine Munro will look for a top finish as two of the division’s first pros from Canada. As you can see from the line-up below this is a great bikini line-up.

IFBB Pro Bikini:
Natalie Abrheim
Sandy Avelar
Leigh Brandt
Michelle Brannan
Genevieve Brodeur
Jennifer Chapman
Katie Chung Hua
Dianna Dahlgren
Ashley Harbour
Dayna Maleton
Véronique Morin
Pollianna Moss
Justine Munro
Cecile Palacios
Jessica Paxson
Kristy Robbins
Yeshaira Robles
Casey Lee Trailer
Christina Vargas
Jaclyn Wilson
I expected to see more women in the bodybuilding division as it’s one of the few shows of the year. Look for Cathy LeFrancois to be the one to beat and if she shows up like she did at the Arnold, it could turn into a battle for who finishes in second.

IFBB Pro Women Bodybuilding:
Kim Buck
Laura Carolan
Laura Davies
Lisa Giesbrecht
Alevtina Goroshinskaya
Gillian Kovack
Janeen Lankowski
Cathy LeFrancois
Wendy Mccready
Frida Palmell
The Physique division will once again have a mix of bodybuilding, figure and physique competitors. Nicole Ball will be making the switch from bodybuilding to Physique and it will be interesting to see what she brings to the stage. Michelle Blank will look to redeem herself from the New York Pro finish. Kim Tilden has a look I think the judges could favor in this show. Marina Lopez gets the award for most persistent as she has entered every IFBB Pro Women’s Physique competition this year.

IFBB Pro Women’s Physique:
Nicole Ball
Debbie Barrable-Leung
Michelle Blank
Lyris Cappelle
Gloria Fauls
Amie Francisco
CeaAnna Kerr
Marina Lopez
Tammy Patnode
Rhonda Lee Quarsema
Janessa Roy
Kim Tilden


Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini and Physique
EXPO Stage – Metro Toronto Convention Centre
1:30 p.m.

Women’s Finals for Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini and Physique
Prejudging for Men’s Open and 212 Bodybuilding
John Bassett Theatre – Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Women’s Round One for Figure.
EXPO Stage – Metro Toronto Convention Centre
10:00 a.m.

Men’s Finals for Open and 212 Bodybuilding
Women’s Finals for Figure
John Bassett Theatre – Metro Toronto Convention Centre
7:30 p.m.


For more information visit: http://www.torontoprosupershow.com. We’ll be using #TOPRO as the hashtag on twitter for this event.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.