MMA Hardbody Ronda Rousey on the Cover of UFC® Magazine

Strikeforce Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Ronda Rousey continues to capture the attention of the media world. While at the 2012 ESPYs, Ronda provided a few sound bites about Kim Kardasian that gained her a few new fans at TMZ and around the globe. She’s currently featured on the cover ESPN The Magazine BODY issue and the newest issue of UFC Magazine.

The August/September issue of UFC Magazine features former Olympians Dan Henderson and Ronda Rousey. Dan was an Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestler and Ronda was an 2008 Olympic Medal winner in Judo. The issue is available now.


Ronda Rousey with her UFC Magazine cover.
Photo via: UFC Magazine Facebook.


  1. […] time Henderson and Rousey have shared the spotlight. Earlier this year UFC magazine (now UFC 360) featured the two fighters on the cover of their Olympic issue. Henderson is an accomplished wrestler but never won an Olympic […]

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