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Fitness Model Jamie Eason Gets Married

One of the hardest working and most popular fitness models, Jamie Eason is officially a married woman. Jamie Eason will be the model formerly known as Jamie Eason. That’s because she will be taking her husband Michael’s last name, Middleton. We welcome you to join in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Michael Middleton and wishing them many happy, healthy, hardbody years together.

Jamie also shared with her thousands of fans that the newlyweds will be taking their honeymoon in Italy. Best wishes from Hardbody!

The happy newlyweds!

Lead photo via Jamie’s Facebook.
Wedding photo Michelle Hanson’s Facebook.



  1. SO happy for her and for both of them… can’t wait til it’s my turn!

    I’ve gotten the chance to meet her at the Arnold this year, and she’s such a sweet person.. congrats again! :)

  2. Big Muscles from Brussels says:

    dude looks lieka total loser! whats his name, nappolean dynomite?

  3. Michele says:

    Hmmm….I am sorry to say it but….WTH? She is BEAUTIFUL and she picked that guy??? He might be a great person but looks wise…..yikes. But I guess we all have different taste. I thought she would be with a total hottie. But as long as she is happy and in love it doesn’t matter what we all think.

  4. Wow…. jealous much? How has the fact that they found each other and are happy together taken away anything from your lives? Kind of sad that instead of wishing them the best, you took time to find fault with people you don’t even know on an article that was written to celebrate their marriage. It looks to me that sometimes nice guys really do finish first. Congrats Michael and Jamie!!

  5. She went for someone who is real cuz thats just who she is…genuine… she aint fallen for the posers or smooth talkers all around her! She could have her pick. Instead she went for someone real who prolly sees her for her. She went with her heart! Just goes to show how much class she has!
    She sees thru the hype, sees the real you. And thats what counts to her. THATS what she went with. Good for her.
    Im nothing but happy for her. Congrats Jamie. Follow your heart. Wish you the best life together 4-ever..

    She even went up a few notches in my book!

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