Hardbody Road to The Olympia: Nicole Nagrani Juggles Demanding Schedule

Reining Bikini Olympia champion, Nicole Nagrani updates us on what’s happening in her world as she prepares for her title defense. Nicole is a full-time student and en route to medical school. There aren’t many competitors who are taking two college tests the week of a show. She also shares some of her favorite supplements and how they help boost her energy and recovery time.


nicole nagrani bikini champion


2.5 weeks out
By Nicole Nagrani

There’s only a little over two weeks until the Olympia and honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE TIME WENT! I really cant believe its almost here!!!!

So, about a week ago I moved into my own place and started attending my FINAL semester of my undergraduate studies! I am applying to medical school, have a full-time course load, and am training for the Olympia so I’m extremely busy! I’m guessing you all know that feeling where you start stressing yourself out because too many important things are going on. You just start to feel completely overwhelmed… well that’s how I feel. But, its time to strap up and go full force! I am so determined to look my best ever and with more things on my plate there is no time for distractions.

I get messages all the time asking how I manage school and training… and sometimes I don’t even know how! I always write back, that its just because I want to feel like every time I put time into something, I want it to be well worth it. I want to commit my energy to things that are productive, things I can look back on and be proud of. Not things that I will say, “dang, I wish I could’ve tried harder or done better.” I most definitely don’t want to look back at the Olympia pictures and think I could’ve done a lot more to look better than I did.

Of course I have a ton of homework, two tests the week of the show, and deadlines for applications. But I can either choose to let myself go crazy or just do it. You can either choose to let yourself be overwhelmed, or just approach everything head on and know your going to tackle it. Your mind controls everything that goes on around you because of the way you perceive it. If you want to achieve in something, then just tell yourself you will, and act like it! Then… you will! I’m not kidding, it really works. So try it next time you have doubts or are thinking negatively about something. The mind is really so powerful and anything you set your mind to you can make reality. There’s a reason we grow up hearing those words all of the time.

There’s a few things on my supplement program that I’ve added that I’m starting to see really great results with recovery and energy. If you’re interested in finding new products here are some of my favorites

All of the listed products are MET-Rx supplements

• L-carnitine – I noticed that I started to drop weight faster when I started taking this product. I also experienced an increase in energy.

• Active woman multivitamin– This capsule contains all of the necessary nutrients I need to get through the intense training.

• HMB 1000 – Ive experienced increased strength which has been helpful since Im lifting heavier for my upper body to put on size

• Super Joint guard – with all of the cardio and intense training, its important to not only make sure you are using the proper form, but taking supplements to support joint protection is always a good idea.

• ZMA – contains zinc, magnesium, and b-6 which is good for energy and metabolism

• BCAA 2200 – muscle breakdown can be a side effect when training really hard. I take BCAAs to prevent this and this product contains nitrogen to support the various metabolic processes within our bodies

• L- glutamine 1000 – helps with muscle recovery and also aids in maintaining a healthy immune system

So I may have a lot on my plate, but I won’t let anything get in my way on the road to this years Olympia. I have a goal in sight, and I will do anything and everything to reach it.

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.