Which Veronique Morin Cover is better?

Covers are a fitness model’s dream. Oxygen Magazine is often on the bucket-list of a hardbody to appear in and a cover would be a dream come true. There are only twelve covers a year for Oxygen and half of that for Muscle and Fitness HERS. HERS is published every other month so your chances of landing a cover are few and far between. Magazines are fighting for slumping sales and a great cover can help on newsstands.

veronique morin


Consider the odds of landing one cover much less two AT THE SAME TIME. It’s rare to see the same model a cover of two different magazines at the same time but this month IFBB Bikini Pro Veronique Morin did it. She is wearing workout attire on both. Oxygen went with a NIKE top while HERS opted for an Addidas top. Veronique looks significantly more muscular on HERS an sports curly hair.

We’re throwing it out to you Hardbody Nation, which cover did it better?

Which Cover is Better? Click for larger view


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