Hardbody Inispirational & Motivational Photos: Libby DiBiase

Crossfit Athlete Libby DiBiase is undoubtedly a HARDBODY. We recently followed her as she knocked out a Crossfit workout and talk about intense! In the days/weeks ahead we’ll be sharing inspirational photos and motivational quotes like these with Libby. Thanks to Libby for helping us kick things off with these images from CrossFit Omaha. Libby is a sponsored Reebok Crossfit athlete and member of Team Gaspari Nutrition.

Check out our interview with Libby to learn more about her. Oh ya and she’s a mother of an adorable son, so for all the mothers out there wondering if you can be a hardbody… wonder no more. YES! YOU CAN. Follow Libby on twitter and check out what she’s up to on facebook. Photos by LIFTstudios.com shot during actual Crossfit Training.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.