Alea Suarez – Hardbody Road to The Arnold

Alea Suarez joins us as she shares her journey to the 2013 Figure International. Alea turned pro in the Bikini division but her body craved muscle so she made the switch to the Figure division and it paid off. She’s been in the winner’s circle and on the Olympia stage. Now she’s writing another chapter in her competitive career as she heads to her first trip to the Arnold. Check out what this Hardbody mom has to say on her Road To The Arnold.



Alea Suarez – 2013 Figure International Contender
Hey Hardbody peeps! My name is Alea Suarez. I was born & raised in San Diego, CA and have lived in the Austin, TX area for the past 6 years. I started competing in 2009. I started off my pro status in Bikini & switched to Figure in 2011 with my best placing and first pro win at the IFBB 2012 Dallas Europa Supershow. My last competition was the 2012 Olympia placing 13th.

I’m about 7 weeks out from the Arnold! I have worked at the Arnold expo every year for the last 3 years but I am especially excited about this Arnold because it will be my first time competing there!

I have danced & performed all my life & taking the Arnold stage is what I look forward to most. All of the hours, days, weeks & months of hard work, discipline, juggling schedules, preparation, blood, sweat & tears come down to about 30 minutes on stage tanned, sparkling & glamorously showcasing the result with a big smile & lots of bling. Lol!

My contest prep can be especially challenging, mainly because I homes school my children part-time while running my business Eye of the Tigress LLC. Time management, planning ahead & preparation are crucial for my success. I would not recommend this for the faint-hearted & weak. (No wimps allowed! Just kidding) It makes it all that much more rewarding when I get on that stage. No matter where I place, I know I have climbed a mountain to get there and that is so rewarding in itself. I know I tend to take on a lot but that’s how I roll… BOOM! heheh, There are reasons for that we may get into, but in another blog.

I have a lot of respect for Arnold competitors. For those fortunate enough to get an invitation to this prestigious competition, I have found how challenging it is to eat clean through the holidays and venture out into the freezing cold to get to the gym when you just want to stay home in your comfy clothes! Everyone is shoving cookies & pies in your face and inviting you to holiday parties where there is delicious homemade food galore & you’re pumping more sanitizer than ever in hopes of avoiding the flu that’s going around. ‘Tis the season for the Arnold prep!

Happy New Year Hardbodies! IFBB 2013 Arnold Ms. Figure International competition, here I come!

Alea Suarez


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