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Candice Keene grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but she currently calls Orlando home. The IFBB Figure pro has steadily improved her physique since turning pro in 2008 and has positioned herself as one of the top contenders in every show she enters. This year’s trip to the Figure International will be her third and she’s got her eye on the top spot. Candice hits on maintaining balance during her prep, something every competitor can relate to. Follow Candice’s Road to The Arnold here on Hardbody.



Candice Keene – 2013 Figure International Contender
Hello Everyone!! My name is Candice and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and currently reside in Orlando, Florida. I have been competing for a little over four years with my first show being in November 2008. I have competed in four full seasons as a pro and 2013 will be my 5th! This year will be my third consecutive year competing at the Figure International and super excited! I love everything about the Arnold. It’s an exciting weekend full of awesome energy. It’s always within days of my birthday, but this year it falls ON my birthday!!:-)

My last show of the 2012 season was the Arnold Classic Spain in Madrid. What a beautiful city Madrid is! Before that were the Olympia and the Sheru Classic. What keeps me motivated for the first show of the year is just that… The first show of the season. I strive to be better than I was at the end of my previous season. If I know I improve each year with my personal best, to me that’s constant success. 🙂

The big weekend is 7 weeks away, and like always… they will go fast! My main challenge I usually face with typically all my show preps is BALANCE. Balance is very important for any success. I balance going to school full time, training and dieting, as well as keeping up with my business. I make ProCakez, which are protein meal replacement cakes (which are amazing!) I have a pretty consistent demand for them in my gym, so by making sure I am able to balance all these aspects, helps me tremendously with not getting overwhelmed.

Each week I will keep you all posted as to how my prep is going, how well i am able to balance everything, and how sane I am remaining lol. 😛
But most importantly, by keeping a clear head, remain optimistic even on those challenging days, and surround yourself in a healthy environment… becoming a Wonder Woman gets a little easier each day. 😉

Until next time!! Xoxo

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