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New Planet Fitness Commercial – Hot or Not? UPDATED

Planet Fitness is known for their absurd, over the top commercials and their “Lunk Alarm”. Most physique competitors would be banned from their gym due to their laundry list of rules, like no grunting. The gym chain is back with a new round of commercials to kick off the new year. They claim they’re not a gym though and it’s only $10 a month. In the newest spot they poke fun at pretty girls and claim that’s why their not a gym.


Um ok. I’m not buying it but if it gets people to workout then so be it but it’s a pretty lame approach in my opinion. What say you Hardbody Nation? Check out the commercial below and then vote and/or comment below.

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The New York Times published a story about Planet Fitness and shared that the new campaign will use the slogan “No Gymtimidation”. This coincides with their “judgement-free zone” that is unless you grunt then you could get booted out. One thing I was unaware of that the NYT piece mentioned was “Every month members are treated to pizza on the first Monday night and bagels on the second Tuesday morning, while Tootsie Rolls are handed out daily.”


But Steve Red, the chief creative officer of Red Tettemer & Partners, said the aspirational approach can backfire when it comes to promoting health clubs.

“I’m never going to get to be that washboard-stomach, super-cut guy that I see in the Equinox ads,” said Mr. Red, referring to the chain of upscale gyms.

New York Times.

Maybe because the daily tootsie rolls have something to do with that Mr.Red.

#update# Not to be outdone by the women’s ridiculousness there’s a new “BURN” spot for men. I laughed but only because of how stupid it is.


  1. Planet fitness is the biggest joke of a gym. They have the worst equipment. One time when I complained that they didn’t have enough plates for the bench press the manager said that he would get rid of plates if I bothered him again. Talk about great customer service.

  2. ashley esposito says:

    planet is the gym you go to before you get get a real membership. I can’t take a place seriously that has a big bowl of candy at the front desk and serves pizza. Lmao!!

  3. Discerning2 says:

    Planet Fitness is not a gym for folks who are serious, and that is just a fact. I have been a member of a Powerhouse, which was great. LA Fitness, which was OK. LifeTime Fitness, which was great. And 24 Hour Fitness which is fantastic. I looked at Planet Fitness, but for serious lifters, it is a joke. If you want to make an appearance, do a little cardio, not interact with anyone, Planet Fitness is OK. But if you want top level equipment, higher weights in free weights, and cutting edge, it is a loser.

  4. Jack Mehauf says:

    Planet shitness!!! Where the turds go.

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