20 Questions with Nathalia Melo

If you missed our Live Twitter Chat with cover model and reigning Bikini Olympia champion Nathalia Melo don’t sweat it. We’ve compiled the top 20 questions that were asked of the Brazilian Bikini star and what her answers were. Twitter forces you to be short and to the point as there are only 140 characters available in each “tweet.


20 Questions with cover model, bikini champion and personal trainer Nathalia Melo.

Keep in mind this was on twitter and you’ll notice abbreviations and shortened words to keep within 140 characters. #ASKNAT TWITTER CHAT

1Q. What made you decide to move to the USA from Brazil?
1A. I felt like there were many things and dreams I wanted to go after! Here was the perfect place!

2Q. What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
2A. Ha! I’ve seen lots of ppl think I don’t understand their sneaky offers because English isn’t my first language and I have an accent.

3Q. What is your first language and will you be at the first @ArnoldSports Brasil this year?
3A. First language is Portuguese, and YES will be at the @ArnoldSports Brazil! So excited! Oh… and ”HOLA” is not Portuguese! =p

4Q. How did u keep urself motivated during ur first competition & how did u keep ur nerves down?
4A. I always liked workin out, so the changes in my body kept me motivated. I wasn’t really nervous… Not shy here! LOL

5Q. Aside from the language what was the biggest change from Brazil?
5A. The opportunities! There are a lot of opportunities in the US… I am very thankful for all this country has offered me.

6Q. What’s your biggest inspiration or drive? By the way always love your first appearance on @muscle_fitness
6A. It inspires me to know that all my hardwork and dedication inspires ppl all over the world to be fitter and healthier.

7Q. Do you typically do a.m. cardio on an empty stomach?
7A. Yeah! I tried eating before, but it didnt work well… I got sick! Oooops! LOL

8Q. I know your family is important to you. How have they supported you and your fitness career? Especially early on.
8A. I moved to US solo when I was 20, and worked my butt off to support myself, but now they understand n support my choices.

9Q. Did you play sports/dance/cheer/ballet, or do gymnastics growing up?
9A. I played everything, and sucked at them all! Hahahaha… I’ve always been into sports tho!

10Q. Do u have any advice for a first time #bikini competitor 6 weeks out from my first show?
10A. Do it for YOU and enjoy the ride!

11Q. Now that you’re getting alot of exposure do you have any new goals because of it?
11A. Of course! You always wanna be better than you were yesterday! Lots of cool things in the make…stay tuned!

12Q. Do you watch the @UFC and if so who is your favorite fighter?
12A. I could say ”The Brazilian ones”, but that would be 75% of UFC…hahaha… I do like Anderson

13Q. Other than “Awesome”, How did it feel winning Olympia last year?
13A. I still cant believe it! Everytime I watch a video or see a picture I am like ”Daaaang, That’s me!!” LOL

14Q. Do you ever drink a glass of wine?
14A. AbsofreakinLutely! I am human too! LOL.. I take 2 times off a year, and enjoy myself with good food n cpl glasses of wine.

15Q. Do you have a cheat day or cheat meal during your prep and if so what do you like?
15A. Not during contest prep. I could but i rather not have. I found it to reduce my cravings. After comp. I love chocolate! <3

16Q. How did you first get published in a magazine & any advice for new #models?
16A. I shot wit @liftstudios and he submitted my pics,n the mag liked them.Look for published photographers or reach out for the mag

17Q. Do you cook all your own food at once for the week and how do you stay on track when traveling?
17A. Cook 2x week. Food tastes a bit fresher. When traveling in season I take all my cooked food with me

18Q. How often to do you lift with weights and do you ever train other women?
18A, Weights 5x/week. I am a personal trainer, n 99% of my clients are women.

19Q. Do you still run as much as you were last prep & is it only outdoors or do you use a treadmill? Any incline, if so?
19A. Lots of running again! I run mostly on the treadmill cause in FL there are no ”inclines”LOL Once or 2x/week I run on the track

20Q. Will you be doing any other competitions after the @arnoldSports & will you have more camps if so where?
20A. I’m doin @FitXEvent and the Olympia. Confirmed seminars so far in Moncton and Newfoundland both in Canada. More to come..

That wraps it up for our live twitter chat with @nathaliamelofit. #askNat See her compete at the @ArnoldSports in 2 weeks.
HUGE thanks to @hardbodynews everyone who was a part of our Live chat! I had lots of fun and can’t wait to be on stage at @ArnoldSports

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