20 Questions with Kathleen Tesori

Kathleen Tesori fielded fan questions in our latest LIVE Twitter Chat. She shared if she’ll be competing any time soon, tips on how to get sponsored by bodybuilding.com and more find out how often she liked to cook her food, if she thinks a personal trainer is a good idea and what was Mayhem Miller like to work with on the set of MTV Bully Beatdown. If you’re at the Arnold Sports Festival, stop by the bodybuilding.com booth to meet Kat.


Kathleen Tesori LIVE Twitter Chat

1Q @kathleentesori how did you get involved with the #fitness industry & any advice for those just starting? #askKat
1A Got involved in the industry by competing in a bikini show. Best Advice is to never lose sight of what is important to you. #askkat

2Q @kathleentesori is Mayhem Miller as crazy in person as he seems? (referring to Bullybeatdown on MTV) #askKat
2A He is just like you see on TV really nice. He has no in between he is either super crazy and full of energy or reallly quiet! #askkat

3Q. @kathleentesori You’ve been super fit for quite a while now; is there anything u have yet to achieve that still motivates you? #askKat
3A I feel like I have lots to still achieve. Inspiring and motivating others keeps me going!!! I love living a healthy fit lifestyle #askkat

4Q @kathleentesori do you work out on an empty stomach in the morning, if not what do you eat? #askKat
4A Empty tummy with BCAAs if I am doing a light moderate type activity. 1/2 protein shake & a small bit of fruit if more than light #askkat

5Q @kathleentesori hi, I’m 39 and in the best shape of my life, do u think it’s too late for me to compete? #askKat
5A ABSOLULTY NOT… 30s AND 40s are the best years for our body’s true potential. Go for it! #askkat

6Q @kathleenTesori Loved your @MandF_Hers cover w/ the kettle bells. Do you train with them very often? #askKat
6A Not often. I do not own any and gyms do not have them usually. But I will use plates in place of kettle bells and do some moves #askkat

7Q @kathleenTesori How do I get sponsored by @bodybuildingcom like you? #askKat

7A Compete in the FIT USA show they host in June .Enter the spokesmodel search, Be active on bodyspace build a good following #askkat

8Q @kathleentesori who’s been your biggest role model? #askkat
8A Mother Teresa… my Mom… and Since 2008 when it comes to the industry my role model is @Jamie_Eason #askakt

9Q @kathleentesori Do you have any plans to compete in Figure or Bikini again?

9A No plans yet… the desire is there for bikini thinking this summer #askkat

10Q @kathleenTesori What is your favorite body part to train & do you have a favorite exercise? #askKat
10A Favorite body part to train shoulders… favorite exercise LUNGES of all kinds! #askkat

11Q @kathleentesori How often do you cook your meals and do you eat meat? #askKat
11A My not competing meal plan I eat meat 2 times a day. I cook on the weekends food lasts me Fri. to Fri. #askkat

12Q @kathleentesori Any advice for wanting someone wanting to get into #fitness modeling? #askKat
12A Find a “show” to compete in is the easiest way to be seen. Get educated before making decisions-research. Be a walking billboard #askkat

13Q @kathleentesori Do you have a personal trainer & do you think they help in getting into shape? #askKat
13A Trainers best investment you can make! @FeliciaRomero @Brandon_J_ are my miracle workers.find someone wise in nutrition & the gym #askat

14Q @kathleenTesori Any tips on how to cook tilapia & make it taste good?
14A buy the @CostcoTweets Kirkland brand BAKE @425 12 minutes. this BRAND is a must most tilapias taste like dirt. #askkat

15Q @kathleenTesori do you eat protein bars and if so do you have a favorite? #askKat
15A Quest bars – strawberry cheesecake @Bodybuildingcom AND ANY of @Jamie_Eason bars #askkat

16Q @kathleenTesori Will you be at the @arnoldsports this weekend? #askKat
16A I will be at the @ArnoldSports with @Bodybuildingcom all weekend long. Already packed and food prepped 🙂 #askkat

17Q @kathleentesori Do you put out training videos or ever thought of having your own DVD? #askKat
17A no training videos yet. i would love to create some. I will be using more of YOUTUBE soon. I have my @Bodybuildingcom 360 video #askkat

18Q @kathleentesori what were you on a TV set for today? Are you becoming a weather person? #askKat
19A depends on goals and the ime I have… on the norm 2 to 3 morning cardio sessions a week-weekend. 30 mins after a workout. #askkat

20Q @kathleentesori Do you personal train people and do you do any online training? #ASkKat
20A i dont do any training i do lifestyle coaching – one on one sessions over the phone by skype or in person to get people started #askkat

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