Ryall’s Road to The Arnold Review

IFBB Fitness Pro, Ryall Graber-Vasani shares her latest hardbody blog before stepping on stage at the 2013 Fitness International. Ryall talks about what it’s like being in just hours away from the show and reflects on her journey to get here.



Hi Hardbody fitness fans!
The time has finally arrived and The Arnold is here. I have just arrived in Columbus after a full day of travel and I SHOULD be exhausted but my adrenalin has already kicked in and I may notbe getting much sleep now! The host hotel is outstanding  – ‘health baskets’ in our rooms with all kinds of samples and goodies as well as incredible athlete menu for the entire event. The organization around this event is truly world class. I can’t wait to see my fellow fitness family and soak up every moment of being at my first Fitness International. Pinch me! OUCH! Not a dream? This is my reality and I am truly living it. Feeling so fortunate, beyond grateful and so freakin’ amped for this experience.

To wrap up my Road to The Arnold, my final two weeks of prep has had some unexpected challenges. This particular time had to become a very self-focused period and demanded every ounce of energy I had to keep going beyond the pain and the fatigue and beyond what I had thought was the edge of my ability. However overcoming these obstacles has made this particular journey the most valuable competition experience for me yet. Overcoming adversity creates great strength and I am stronger than I was yesterday. So as I see it, as difficult as many days on my road to the Arnold were, something was not only learned but also achieved over the past two weeks.  All of the hard hours I put in with the expertise of my choreographer Renzo and now I have it – my new routine is ready to rock!  I’m beyond excited to perform it for the first time at The Arnold and I hope you will all love it!

I believe that to be successful in any pro sport requires a certain level of selfishness – just for a short period of time. These are the crucial, final moments that demand your utmost focus to optimally physically and psychologically prepare you for competition. It may be a few weeks or as short as a few days but these times are a must to achieve success. I don’t feel guilty about this ‘all about me time’ as I understand, for me, this is crucial. I am very grateful that during my ‘me’ time I’ve finally found the right core of people to surround myself with that truly understand (without judging) my dedication, discipline and total passion for competing in Fitness. Thanks to my amazing team of talented, positive and empathetic coaches, the support of my parents, who has always encouraged me to chase my dreams and who will be in Columbus this weekend watching me life my dreams; Very special. The positive energy from my Sister in Alberta, my special friends and fitness family (you know who you are) has been so uplifting and motivating. I thank each of you so much for your calls and messages over the last two weeks. And last but not least, CJ with CJ’s Elite Competition Wear who has generously sponsored my routine outfit and 2-piece for this weekend – she did a beyond killer job!

I’m ready and so honored to bring my best to The Arnold. Through many difficult days I have immensely enjoyed the challenges of this journey and I now plan to enjoy every single moment of my first-ever Arnold. AND every single moment of some cheesecake when it’s all over

Thanks for the support and for following my Road to The Arnold.

Here’ s to living the dream!

One Week Out Training Video.

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Photo courtesy of Ryall Vasani.

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