Hardbody Rookie PROfile – Courtney King

Courtney King is one of the youngest competitors in the IFBB Pro League but you’d never know it by the way she conducts herself on and off stage. The windy city native is on the heels of her first pro competition and has a solid chance at winning it all. Courtney takes time out from her prep to share a bit more about herself in our Hardbody PROfile.



Name: Courtney King

Born in: Chi-Town! Chicago, IL.

Currently live in: Daytona Beach, FL.

Are you the oldest or youngest in the fam? I am the Oldest! I have a younger 17 year old brother.

Contest history:
• 2011 teen nationals championships bikini- 1st
• 2012 jay cutler classic bikini- open bikini overall & bikini class B 1st
• 2012 npc jr USA’s- bikini class D 13th
• 2012 junior nationals bikini – 7th
• 2012 team universe bikini – 3rd
• 2012 npc teen collegiate and master national championship-collegiate bikini 1st and overall , teen bikini 1st and overall
• Npc USA championships – bikini earned pro card class D 2nd

Did you play any sports growing up? My parents had me in every single sport possible! Haha, growing up I’ve done everything from gymnastics to soccer, track, swimming, basketball, cheerleading, even flag football when I was younger! (I know I’m embarrassed to admit that) haha

How did you get your start in the NPC? Two words… Nicole Nagrani! I Remember when I was 17 years old looking at her win the bikini Olympia at 19 (my age now) and thinking “wow! I want to be just like her” luckily now since moving to Florida me and Nicole became really close friends and she is one of most genuine and beautiful girls inside and out I’ve ever met! I’m so grateful to have became such close friends with Nicole! She’s the one who inspired me to start competing..and still does.:)

Thing you like best about competing. I like the journey and process! It’s cool seeing what hard work & determination can do and how much your body can transform with the effort and drive you put into it! I also love meeting so many motivated and inspirational people that all have a strong passion for what they do!

Thing you could do without when it comes to competing. Getting JanTana color off your skin! And walking around at the shows with everyone shoving their faces with protein bars and having really bad gas. Like come on… Just stop eating haha

Cardio in the morning or not so much?  Unless my coaches say otherwise… Yes! Haha, I don’t really mind morning cardio though, it gets my day off to a good jump start!

What’s your favorite body part to train? I would have to go with legs on this one!

One body part you dread training? I love training! It’s something I do everyday so I don’t dread any training day. 🙂

What feedback did you get from the judges at your last show? They said that I needed to work on building my upper body if I wanted to compete with women in there 20’s and 30’s. They also said since I’m younger it takes time, but I think I’ve made improvements on my overall physique since I turned pro back in July!

When you’re not prepping for a show what do you like to do? I’m very laid back! I don’t mind just hanging out with my family or friends and relaxing!

First thing I do in the morning is… Thank God for another day 🙂 but besides that I get up usually check my phone and lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes and then brush my teeth, go pee and start getting ready for my AM cardio! lol.

Last thing I do at night is… By the time I go to bed between school and training I’m usually exhausted so right when my head hits the pillow I’m usually knocked out. Haha

One thing I HAVE to have in the morning. I love my morning oatmeal! (Always gotta have it) haha but besides that  as corny as this sounds.. .I feel like I have to have a good attitude every morning! If not then I feel like it just ruins the rest of my day.

One food prep tip I learned and wish I knew when I first started… I wish I knew to freeze all my meals and make everything in bulk ahead of time! (Not the day of) who does that?! Only I would. lol

What do you want to be when you grow up? lol HAHAHAHA! I actually LOLed at this question, thanks Isaac! 🙂 Hmmm let’s see as of now I’m really undecided with what I want to do in my future! I’m a freshman in college right now so I’m just doing my general courses as of now before i have to pick a major. It’s hard to decide!

Rather be in workout clothes or glammed up? Workout clothes! But come on now what competitor wouldn’t?!

Girly girl or tom boy? That’s a tough one…I would say it’s split in between! I can be super sporty and tomboy, and then again It’s always good to get your girly girl on and done up at times! It’s a tie, so id say I’m a “Tom/Girl” 🙂

Most ridiculous thing a guy has said to you in the gym? I’ll never forget a guy once offered me a “free massage” because he just got his masseuse certification. (I’m sure he did) Hahah, thanks but no thanks buddy ill have to pass! 🙂

My favorite cheat meal is… Gosh I don’t even know! I think this is a hard question for anyone. I always crave different things, but I really love pancakes! I also am a huge trail mix junkie. Give me those two and I’m set!

My favorite spot to chill is… Probably my room. Haha peace & Quite!


Check out Courtney’s competition photos and check back to see how she did in her pro debut, this weekend at the Battle on the Beach.


Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.