20 Questions with Dianna Dahlgren Via Live Twitter Chat

Dianna Dahlgren took questions from the twittersphere and shared what her favorite headphone are to tips on getting published in fitness magazines. Find out what Dianna would be doing if she wasn’t modeling or working as Miss Supercross and what’s she up to next. Thanks to everyone who asked questions and the funniest one came last, scroll down for a good laugh. You can keep up with Dianna on twitter at @diannaDahlgren and on her website, www.diannadahlgren.com.


Dianna Dahlgren’s LIVE Twitter Chat

1Q. How did you get started in #modeling? #ddchat
1A. I was scouted by a lady at the mall when I was 13! #ddchat

2Q. So that really happens… scouting at a mall turns to real modeling work? #ddchat
2A. Yes as long as they are legitimate! Just do your background check, my mom did! #ddchat

3Q. What are your goals for the rest of 2013? #ddchat
3A. I’m working on a webisode series over the summer in Venice Beach, my 2014 calendar and a fitness wear line #ddchat

4Q. Do you have any #workout tips for building a better booty? #ddchat
4A. Glute Pushbacks, multiple stances when squatting, Reverse Lunges and the good ole Stair Master #ddchat

5Q. How long should someone do cardio each session? Every day and what type? #ddchat
5A. For healthy balance around 30-45 minutes, running is the best workout, I also enjoy the precor and stairs #ddchat

6Q. What was the key ingredient to motivate you to succeed this early in life? #ddchat
6A. I got sent to boarding school when I was 15, when I went home I wanted money so I started working, and never stopped.

7Q. Will you be Miss #Supercross in 2014? How did you get selected & when?
7A. I think so, 4 years if so and I got lucky lol #ddchat

8Q. What’s the best way to become a published #fitness #model after you have the body for it? #ddchat
8A. Working with photographers who have been published more than a few times and have connections #ddchat

9Q. Do you help others with personal training & if so are you accepting any new clients? #ddchat
9A. YES I do, I love it! Email me dianna@diannadahlgren.com for more info. #ddchat

10Q. If you weren’t modeling & being Miss #supercross what would you be doing? #ddchat
10A. I’d be working on my nursing degree or would already be a nurse #ddchat

11Q. What’s the key to sticking to a good diet besides good nutrition? #ddchat
11A. Just eat healthy and clean. Fruits variety of veggies and meats, eat because you are physically hungry. #ddchat

12Q. You’re spending more time in front of the live camera; do you want to do more of that & do you like it? #ddchat
12A. Yes I love it and I’m doing more whenever I can! #ddchat

13Q. Do you have a favorite photo-shoot that you’ve done & a favorite cover you’ve been on? #ddchat
13A. Favorite cover is my FitnessRx cover and my favorite shoots have been with Per Bernal and Isaac Hinds #ddchat

14Q. Did you play sports when you were younger and have you always had a bikini body? #ddchat

15Q. Now that you’re not competing any more do you find it hard to stay motivated to be in shape? #ddchat
15A. Sometimes, but I love working out so I still go everyday and do the best I can everyday #ddchat

16Q. Do you recommend any supplements & how do you eat healthy traveling as much as you do? #ddchat

16A. @QuestNutrition bars are the best and if I don’t have food, I eat a lot of salads with chicken, dressing on side! #ddchat

17Q. Do you do your own hair and make-up for Miss #Supercross & #photoshoots? If yes what’s your fav brand of MU? #ddchat

17A. Yes I do 🙂 MAC cosmetics is what I use the most! #ddchat

18Q. What music do you listen to when you workout & what kind of headphones are best? #ddchat
18A. I listen to FFDP on Pandora Radio, and I love @skullcandy ear buds with memory foam ear pieces so they stay in #ddchat

19Q. What’s your favorite brand of clothes / shoes to workout in? #ddchat
19A. I love some lululemon or Nike running pants, anything fitted and stretchy! #ddchat

LMAO! So silly have to end on this one. 20Q. @diannadahlgren who would win in a fight, a grilled cheese sandwich or a taco? #ddchat
20A. LMAO grilled cheese with some tomato soup!!! #BOMB #ddchat

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