2013 Ifbb New York Pro Women’s Preview

The 2013 IFBB New York Pro is upon us and the women’s division will be highly competitive. The Figure, Bikini and Women’s Physique all have a few fan favorites but no clear-cut winner heading into the event. The prejudging will take place at 11am EST at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center and there we’ll get a better idea of who will leave the champion, crowned later in the night at the finals.


Ones to Watch in Figure:
The match-up that everyone will be watching is the reigning Figure International Champ, Candice Keene and top Figure Pro Nicole Wilkins. Nicole sat out this year’s Arnold to give her body a little rest. This will be the first show of the year for her and she’ll either be relaxed, rest and refreshed or a bit rusty. Knowing Nicole, don’t look for her to be on stage rusty. The only x-factor will be if the flight delay disrupted her final hours of prep. Candice will likely be the harder and appear more muscular of the two however Nicole has better symmetry and shape. It’s hard think that anyone will beat either of these two, however anything is possible.

Marcy Porter is back on stage after a few months layoff. She was once a top tier pro, can she return to the top five? Shelly Albetta will be making her pro debut and look for the New York crowd to be behind her. Swann aka Frenchy Cardot will be grinning ear-to-ear after being proposed to on the eve of the show. She’ll be sporting a new rock and will much sharper than her Pittsburgh showing. Monica Specking has the shape and if she comes in a bit sharper with the little details she’ll be in the mix. Patty Zariello will also have the hometown crowd behind her and if she goes back to her Pittsburgh look she’ll be in the hunt.

Shelly Albetta
Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
Corinna Booth
Andrea Cantone
Swann Cardot
Lauren Cascio
Michelle DeRosa
Kenyatta Jones Arietta
Candice Keene
Tiani Norman
Melanise Pettee
Marcy Porter
Amy Puglise
Cinderella Richardson
Tissilli Rogers
Elvimar Sanchez
Rebecca Schubeck
Monica Specking
Katerina Tarbox
Rebecca Vera
Nicole Wilkins
Patty Zariello

Ones to Watch in Bikini:
The bikini division will be a very competitive division. Lindsey Waters achieved IFBB Pro status at the NPC JR USAs last week and is wasting no time getting into the mix. She has a rock’n physique and my only nit-pick thing is sometimes her eyeshadow / makeup is too dark and heavy around her eyes. She’s cute so would like to see her play up the cutesy part and not try to have a sultry look. She could win this show but she’ll have her work cut out for her. Yeshaira Robles is a class act on and off the stage. She’s one of the few women who can be smiling and cute and in the flip of her hair she’s captivating you with a sexy, whoa hot momma look. The thing about Yeshaira that women need to note is her energy. She ALWAYS has positive energy to her on stage and you can’t help but be drawn to her. She’s got the body to match and it’s the little things that always put Yeshaira on top. Ashley Kaltwasser has a sic physique from her years of running and it’s one of the most athletic looks n the division. If she nails her tanning and doesn’t cake on the heavy eye make-up she’s your winner. She continues to get better and better with more stage time. Once she nails all the little details, she’ll be a top 6 Olympia competitor and collect a few more first place wins like she did two weeks ago in Detroit.

The X-factor in this show is Yarelis Gonzalez. She’s one of the shorter competitors and if she’s is slightly off she’s on the outside looking in. Her upper body is usually spot on but her legs and Cuban booty tend to be a bit bigger and drop her down in her placings. If she comes in with a tight booty and smaller legs than Pittsburgh she’ll be tough to beat. She has yet to reach her potential and if she nails it here she’ll be back in the mix as a top competitor. If she doesn’t it’ll leave you wondering if she will ever be able to match the look she had as an amateur. Dayna Maleton has a great physique and if she poses without looking like a fish out of water she’ll be in the top spots. She always has impeccable hair and makeup, so ladies take note. Leigh Brandt, the original Canadian Cutie, will look to get in the top spots. She has the looks but doesn’t have as much muscle as some of the others but still one to watch. Gigi Amurao could be in the hunt if she brings her legs down and comes in a bit tighter than Pittsburgh. Nikola Weiterova and Ashley Wade have stunning looks but yet to crack the top five. Meredith Long will be making her IFBB Pro debut and will be next to another tall competitor Tabitha Klausen. Both women are beautiful and will be two of the taller women in the show, we’ll see how they match up. The Nawlins’ Hip-hop-poppa Ashley Cronley LeBlanc has the potential to be in the top five and if she can present in a relaxed, poised manner without twisting herself in half she’ll be in the mix.

As you can see this a VERY tough line-up.

Gigi Amurao
Maria Annunziata
Cynthia Benoit
Leigh Brandt
Danielle Carr
Ashley Cronley Leblanc
Yarelis Gonzalez
Janet Harding
Andrea Hertlein
Ashley Kaltwasser
Tabitha Klausen
Meredith Long
Dayna Maleton
Nathalie Mur
Cecile Palacios
Yeshaira Robles
Anna Starodubtseva
Anna Lee Van Hattan
Ashley Wade
Lindsey Waters
Nikola Weiterova
Francesca Yumul

Women’s Physique Ones to Watch: The IFBB Women’s Physique division is in its second year and there are still some growing pains with what “the look” should be. It’s definitely making headway and gone are the female bodybuilders with too much muscle, generally speaking. You’ll see apples to oranges in terms of physiques. The likely battle will come down to Juliana Malacarne and Karina Nascimento. The two Brazilians have a great look without being over the top with the muscle factor. Karina plays up her sex appeal when she presents, which tends to help draw your attention to her. Joele Smith and Toni West both have nice looks and could be in the mix for a top spot. Hometown favorite Jillian Reville will be a contender if she comes in full and doesn’t look too stringy. Jill Rudison has potential to be in the mix if she has her legs dialed down and doesn’t appear too muscular in the lower body. It’ll be an interesting show to watch and will be foreshadowing of what’s to come at future shows in terms of “the look”.

Women’s Physique
Sarah Bridges
Sheilahe Brown
Cynthia Colon
Melissa DiBernardo
Nathalie Falk
Gloria Faulls
Nathalie Foreau
Asha Hadley
Carmen Knights
Michelle Krack
Sandra Lombardo
Jen Louwagie
Juliana Malacarne
Frances Mendez
Teresita Morales
Karina Nascimento
Sheena Ohlig
Vallerie Paul
Antonia Perdikakis
Audrey Presson
Gina Quinn
Alecia Rankovic
Jillian Reville
Jill Rudison
Jane Santos
Stacy Simons McDowell
Joele Smith
Kathy Unger
Jennie Verde
Toni West

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