2013 IFBB New York Pro Results & Hardbody Review

Over the weekend, Floridian Candice Keene continued to pick up momentum as the leading lady in the IFBB Figure division. She was poised as one the top contenders leading into the show and she delivered. Walking away the two-time New York Pro Figure Champ. The win was her fourth in a row and she’s poised to be the top contender for the Olympia Figure title.


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The match-up most were expecting to see heading into this contest was Keene vs Wilkins for the crown however it didn’t play out that way. Nicole had been away from the stage since last year’s Sheru Classic and was expected to challenge Keene for the top spot in New York. Things didn’t quite go as planned and Nicole finished in third. It was the first time Nicole had finished out of the top two since the 2009 IFBB New York Pro Fitness, where she was fourth. She had some troubles with the New York weather and delayed flights with undoubtedly added stress and likely water retention. When she took the stage you could tell she wasn’t the glowing, confident competitor we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in competitions. With Nicole off it left the door open for others to challenge Keen for the top spot. When the individual posing was complete it was clear it was Keene and everyone else.

Stepping up in her second show as a pro was New Yorker by way of France, Swann Cardot. Swann was glowing from head-to-toe and was still smiling from being proposed to the night before. She came in much tighter than she had at the Pittsburgh Pro and the added confidence positioned her as a stand out. She still has some work to do on adding more size and she’s a little straight up in down in her shape but those changes will take time. The jump from tenth to second and besting one of the industry’s best in Wilkins is definitely a confidence boost for her heading into the Toronto Pro.

Swann, Candice, Nicole – Top Three at the 2013 New York Pro Figure

Rebecca Vera was a stand out and has the potential to be a leading lady in the years to come. She has a youthful look and the structure to do well in the Figure division. She quietly made her pro debut at the Powerhouse Classic where she finished 11th but was a stand-out in this show. She achieve pro status at last year’s Team Universe and with a little tighter backside and more stage time she’ll be a threat for the winner’s circle. Monica Specking has tremendous shape and has been in the top spots before. She was fifth at the New York Pro and could have been placed a bit higher without many arguments. Her suit top didn’t fit her the best and could have been a tad tighter in the glutes but overall a solid showing. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz has a good look and nice structure. She carries a bit more muscle than some of the other women but she matches up well with this line-up. Another competitor who could have been higher without many arguments.

View photos from the 2013 New York Pro.

2013 IFBB New York Pro Figure Results

1. Candice Keene
2. Swann Cardot
3. Nicole Wilkins
4. Rebecca Vera
5. Monica Specking
6. Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz
7. Andrea Cantone
8. Corinna Booth
9. Patty Zariello
10. Lauren Cascio
11. Rebecca Schubeck
12. Melanise Pettee
13. Katerina Tarbox
14. Amy Puglise
15. Kenyatta Jones-Arietta
16. Shelly Albetta
16. Michelle DeRosa
16. Tiani Norman
16. Marcy Porter
16. Cinderella Richardson
16. Tissilli Rogers
16. Elvimar Sanchez

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