2013 New York Pro Bikini Results & Review

The 2013 New York Pro Bikini had some of the division’s best physiques in it. As expected it came down to a few bikini bodies that would challenge for the title. In the end Yeshaira Robles had the most complete look and presentation. She’s positioned herself as one of the top competitors in the division as she heads into the Olympia. New comers Ashley Kaltwasser and Lindsey Waters are also on the fast track to the top as they finished in second and third respectively.

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Yeshaira has the look to be sexy and cute with ease. She presents with class and has a smile that will light up the darkest room. You can’t help but be drawn to her when she’s on stage. If there’s any one that new competitors are looking to emulate and look up to in the division, Yeshaira is the one. Ashley Kaltwasser has one of the best physiques in the division and without question will be a top contender in every show she enters. She got her tanning right at this show and her body was on point. I’d love to see her change up her hair and makeup and ditch the super long eye lashes. If she tweaks those minor things I think it could be the difference at a big show like the Olympia. Lindsey Waters turned pro just one week prior to the New York Pro by winning the overall at the NPC JR USA. She has a rockin bikini body and also got her tanning on point this time. It’s the same scenario with Lindsey as Ashley… I’m not a fan of the eyeshadow and huge eyelashes. They’re distracting and when it comes down to little details it can make or break a decision. If she changes those minor things it would make a huge difference.

Ashley, Yeshaira and Lindsey – Top Three New York Pro Bikini

Yarelis Gonzalez has all the potential in the world to do well in the division however we have yet to see her reach it in the pro ranks. She came in a bit better than Pittsburgh however her lower body was still not where it needs to be in order to be in the winner’s circle. It looked like she may have over done the cardio and crash dieted a bit by the way her skin looked. When you compare the tightness to that of Ashley’s skin, specifically above the knees, they are worlds apart. It may not be obvious to the casual fan but to the judges and those of us who see thousands of physiques a year, it is. Rounding out the top five was Ashley LeBlanc. Ashley may have been a bit too conditioned in her upper body as the vascularity was noticeable. I’m not crazy about the big curls in front of her face but she has improved her presentation and beginning to get more relaxed on stage.

Dayna Maleton has an incredible physique but it might be too much for the bikini division. Someone asked how she would do in Figure and I’m not certain but it would be interesting to see how she looked posing as a figure competitor with a different suit and same body. She improved her presentation and her only downfall is the amount of muscle and conditioning she brings to the stage compared to the other women.

Nikola Weiterova brought one of her best looks to date and could have been in the top spots. She’s brought up her backside and presents much better than her previous shows. Andrea Hertlein had the best booty in the entire show and if shows were based on butts alone, she would have been your winner.

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Things I’d love to see women NOT do on stage…
• The shoulder shrug/shimmy. It’s when a woman brings her shoulder to her chin and back down, sometimes more than once. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to watch because it’s not natural to most competitors when they do it. Ditch it, it’s not doing anything but distracting your presentation.

• The wind-up hip pop. India Paulino does it and it can be over the top some times but works for her because she’s sassy to begin with. When others do it, it looks out of place and doesn’t work. Don’t do it, it’s not helping your placing.

• The hand up to the chin/shoulder when presenting. It doesn’t do anything but distract during your presentation.

• The legs crossed and bending over in a very slow and way too far forward manner. The pose works for some women but not for all. If it doesn’t work for your backside don’t do it. It’s not a mandatory pose and can be uncomfortable to watch when done slow and in an unnatural manner. When some competitors do it, it almost looks like they have to go pee and that’s not the look you want to present, especially as a pro.

2013 New York Pro Bikini Results:
1. Yeshaira Robles
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. Lindsey Waters
4. Yarelis Gonzalez
5. Ashley Cronley LeBlanc
6. Dayna Maleton
7. Ashley Wade
8. Gigi Amurao
9. Maria Annunziata
10. Leigh Brandt
11. Francesca Yumul
12. Nikola Weiterova
13. Anna Starodubtseva
14. Meredith Long
15. Anna Lee Van Hatten
16. Cynthia Benoit
16. Danielle Carr
16. Janet Harding
16. Andrea Hertlein
16. Nathalie Mur
16. Cecile Palacios
16. Tabitha Klausen

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