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WWE Reportedly Signs Vargas & Kaufman to Diva Roster

Multiple wrestling blogs are reporting that the WWE has signed fitness models Alexis (Lexi) Kaufman and Christina Vargas to their company roster. The two have posted about the WWE over the past few months and it appears they are part of the WWE now.


Christina has competed in the IFBB as not only a bikini competitor but also a figure competitor. She was one of the few women who successfully made the switch from Figure to Bikini. The Vegas resident won the 2011 Houston Pro Bikini, which qualified her for the Olympia. Christina was recently featured on the cover of IRONMAN magazine.


Lexi has made a name for herself in Columbus, Ohio. She achieved IFBB Pro status at the 2011 North Americans but has found more success in modeling than competing. She’s appeared in numerous publications throughout Columbus and can be see in supplement ads for FINAFLEX.


We’ll keep you posted. If the two make it to the Diva roster they’ll join the fellow NPC/IFBB competitor Zivilie (Akasana) and Celeste (Kaitlyn).



  1. Yep, I’ve known about this for months, but didn’t want to post anything until it was official. Apparently it seems that it is. Here’s what I know: Lexi is currently at NXT right now, training with the Divas. Getting high praises thus far, BTW. Christina will be there in a few weeks. That’s what I know so far based off their posts around social media, and from talking to them on occasion.

  2. We hear ya C-ray, same here. A few people have been in talks for months. It’s a long road to actually make it. Kaitlyn, as you know, is the rare breed making it to the top in such a short period of time. Cheers!

  3. Lexi Kaufman says:

    It has been such an amazing experience so far, the girls and coaches are so awesome and helpful, the training is intense, and actually being able to host and announce shows while in Diva training has been such an honor!

    cannot wait for Christina to get here!

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