Oxygen Magazine’s Tosca Reno “It’s been a few days, but I owe you the truth”

Tosca Reno broke her silence since the reported closure of Robert Kennedy Publishing. Tosca was married to the late Robert “Bob” Kennedy and when Bob passed she took over the publishing company he started 40 years ago. Today she posted on her website, confirming the news of the closure but also shed new light on the brands and what might be in store.

The post was written more as a press release than that of someone speaking directly to readers, fans and former employees. Early on June 13, 2013 Tosca tweeted for the first time since last Friday. She shared:

She confirmed reports of the publishing powerhouse closing its doors on her website stating, “Canusa, parent company of Robert Kennedy Publishing which produced magazines Muscle Mag International, Reps!, Oxygen, American Curves and Clean Eating as well as hundreds of books (New York Times best sellers: Hardcore Bodybuilding, Reps!, RockHard!, Beef It!, Pumping Up! and the Eat-Clean Diet Series) has ceased business operations by officially closing its doors last Friday.”

Tosca cites the publishing industry being in financial trouble and the increase of “tablet computers” as reader’s choice over print to be the downfall. She also states, “These factors along with the soft economy have pushed many businesses into bankruptcy particularly in the publishing world.”

She writes, “Robert “Bob” Kennedy, passed away suddenly last year and the company has struggled tremendously in his absence unable to shoulder the burdens left behind.” Only Tosca knows fully what “burdens” were left behind and that she was faced with. Losing your husband and being thrust into running a publishing company is no easy venture. She goes on to state that she “reluctantly took the helm of the distressed publishing business he built.”

The part that gives Oxygen, Clean Eating and The Eat-Clean Diet readers hope is where she says she decided to “restructure the business as a whole in order to allow our brands, Oxygen, Cleaning Eating and The Eat-Clean Diet to possibly find a new home, where my hope is they can thrive again.” There’s no mention of efforts to bring back MuscleMag, American Curves and Reps. It’s not surprising, given that Tosca has no ties to those magazines however the other brands are directly associated to her and her personal brand.

The article closes with Reno saying, “One of the most difficult factors was knowing our dedicated employees are facing this reality now, too, though I laboured long and hard to avoid my ultimate decision. I have done everything I can to preserve and respect the brands by working with some exemplary individuals for whom I am deeply grateful.”

Many employees have shared that they knew things were tough at the company but were blindsided by the closure on Friday. They were told to leave on Friday and return on Monday to collect their belongings. Employees have written to us here at Hardbody News that have yet to hear from Tosca and were never addressed on the situation. It’s a sad deal for all involved and we’re certainly not pointing any fingers. There’s many factors that come in to play for a company of 40 years to close. It has left employees, subscribers and fans confused and left wondering what’s next. Subscribers continue to ask what will happen to their subscriptions and we don’t know.

We wish Tosca, her family and former staff all the best in the months ahead. We hope to see the brands renewed and brought back to continue inspiring and motivating women across the globe. Read the entire blog post on www.toscareno.com.

Lead photo via oxygenmag.com

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