Celebrate Wonder Woman Instead of Bashing Gadot

Warner Bros. Pictures confirmed Wednesday that Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in an upcoming, untitled “Batman vs Superman” movie. The 28 year-old actress is best known for her role in the “Fast & Furious” and Fast Five as Gisele Harabo. She’s a mother of one, model and was Miss Israel in 2004.


A large part of the Internet is in a tizzy wondering how she was picked for the role. Not because she can’t act (she can see clip below) but because of her appearance. Obviously as a model and Miss Universe contestant she has the face but does her physique match that of a super heroine? Not to some standards but hey the movie isn’t slated to hit the big screen until the Summer of 2015 so cut the woman some slack.

Wonder Woman is thought of as strong female character and Gal’s slender frame doesn’t exactly exude “strength”, at least not in the physical sense. Director Zack Snyder said, “Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe.” Will fans buy into Gal as Wonder Woman? Would a bit of muscle on Gal make her a more believable choice? In my opinion, it wouldn’t hurt but you could argue Gal doesn’t look all that different from the 1970s TV version of Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman from 1975-1979 on the series and wasn’t overly muscular. In 2011, Davide E. Kelley wrote a Wonder Woman pilot but the show never aired. Adrianne Palicki starred as Wonder Woman and looked the part despite the show not being picked up. She recently co-starred in the film G.I. Joe: Retaliation as the lead female role of Lady Jaye.

I bet we see Gal make a shocking transformation for the role as Wonder Woman. Those who are saying she is “too skinny” now will be eating those words come 2015. We’ve seen many actors transform their physiques and I’m betting we see her do it as well. You can count on the fitness magazines featuring Gal in the Spring/Summer of 2015.

If you question her ability to be a bad ass, check out this clip.

I’ve read numerous comments from people in the fitness industry talk about who looks more like Wonder Woman but they fail to mention none of those women are actresses. No disrespect to those being mentioned but when your acting reel is being interviewed after a show you’re not much of an actress. You might have dark hair and abs but that doesn’t mean much in Hollywood unless you’re a body double. Instead of bashing Gadot, I say applaud the fact that Wonder Woman is finally making it to the big screen and that’s awesome no matter who is in the role.

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.