Hardbody Poll – Should Wonder Woman Be More Muscular Than Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot was announced as the new Wonder Woman and fitness fans are not stoked. Our friends at FitnessRX for Women magazine posted the announcement on their Facebook fan page and asked, “Are there any current fitness personalities or competitors you think have the ideal shape for Wonder Woman?”


The two most popular responses to the question were Gina Carano and Erin Stern. Amanda Latona had a few votes as well. Obviously, the role of Wonder Woman requires some acting chops but should the character be more muscular?


The following comments all came from women on the FitnessRX for Women fan page…

– She looks anorexic… I thought Wonder Woman is supposed to be strong and fit!

– This Gal I don’t Know Who, is thin with no muscles on…

– I would expect someone more like a fitness model or more muscle.

– Hate me all you wont but I love my comic characters & she will ruin it.

– She needs to gain some weight… Too skinny

– She does not have the physique of Wonder Woman. I am disappointed with the choice, but hopefully she can bulk up.

– She’s pretty but wonder women has way more muscle and is bustier.

– The only thing to wonder about this woman is how she can stand with just a meal day.

– She’s thin… wonder woman looks strong and sexy.

– I personally think she is too skinny and doesn’t represent a fit body.

Lead image of Erin Stern by Scott Harben via fb.

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