Fitness Champions Jen Hendershott and Nicole Wilkins Team Up

Jen Hendershott was known for her energetic fitness routines and her contagious energy off stage. Jen never “officially” retired but it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see her compete again, but never say never. While she was competing Jen was one of the first to organize and conduct camps. She started Phat Camp over a decade ago and having been to one of them in the past, there’s a reason why it’s still going strong.



Jen motivates, inspires and educates women of all shapes and sizes and encourages them to be the best version of themselves. In a press release this week, Jen announced she has teamed up with fellow Olympia champion, Nicole Wilkins. Nicole recently won her third Figure Olympia. The duo will travel the world with the Phat Camp tour and in 2015, Nicole will take over the popular camps and will carry the torch on her own.


Ms. Fitness International & Ms. Olympia Champions Jen Hendershott and Nicole Wilkins have teamed up to make Phat Camp bigger and better than ever.

Burlington, NC — Former Fitness International Champion, Olympia Champion, entrepreneur, and school teacher Jen Hendershott started Phat Camp 12 years ago. Jen started this venture with a simple idea of wanting to help women feel and look their best and to inspire them to strive to live well. With her passion to help others, she rolled a hand full of t-shirts into a suitcase and took off to her first stop in Calgary, Canada. For over a decade, lives have changed, hearts have been touched, and dreams have come true not only for Jen, but for all the campers who have attended over the years.

This love and passion paved the way for women and fitness champions like Nicole Wilkins to step up 12 years later and take over something so amazing. In fall of 2012, Jen approached Nicole, a current International and Olympia champion, model, and Met-Rx spokesperson, with the idea of taking over Phat Camp. After many conversations and ideas shared, they have decided to team up and to make this better than ever. They said, “Let’s work together and go BIG!”

During 2014, they will travel the world together to not only make a bigger impact on women’s lives, but to touch more generations. With the sponsorship of MET-Rx and 6 Pack Bags, next year’s Phat Camp will be bigger and better than those camps in years past. In 2015, it is anticipated that Nicole will carry on Jen’s legacy by taking over the Phat Camp industry.

With Nicole being almost 30 years old and Jen being in her early forties, they know that by teaming up that they will be able to help so many more women around the world. This camp will be for housewives, business women, runners, busy moms, and competitors, women who struggle to lose weight, women with hardship, and the everyday women who want to be their personal best.


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