Video: Battle of the Moms

Love your body. Something we can all agree on, right? We like to think so. Two mothers, both with three children, are taking to the internet to get their message across but in different ways. One mother in Australia posted her post-baby photos to show a “more realistic” look to her body after Maria Kang made headlines over a photo.

mom battle

Maria posted a photo with her and her three children that simply said, “What’s Your Excuse.” It was simply an attempt to inspire other women but she received numerous negative comments and claims that she was “shaming” other mothers to look a certain way.

“Health is not dictated by someone’s look, their size or their weight,” say the Aussie mother and we can certainly agree with that but why is one mother right and the other is wrong?

You can love your body before and after.

Reporter: Her photos are drawing comparisons to maria kang, the mom of three, whose what’s your excuse photo caption, led to a firestorm of reactions, with many accusing her of fat shaming. I’m not a bully.

Reporter: She is now speaking out against kang, saying these ideals are unrealistic and unhealthy. And wants to encourage women to love their bodies at any size. Health is not dictated by someone’s looks, their size or their weight.

But kang says she is simply a healthy mom, trying to be a positive role model. Is there a right or wrong answer in this great mom debate? We have to be careful in our society not to characterize something as normal or not normal.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.