Thank You Mom – Winter Olympics

The Super Bowl tends to be the one time people pay attention to ads on tv but this spot by Proctor & Gamble will get your attention and it has nothing to do with American football. The 2014 Winter Olympics are less than a month away and P & G has put together an incredibly moving spot in honor of moms for the Sochi games. The ad shows young athletes taking steps towards their Olympics dreams but the focus isn’t on the athletes but rather the moms.

Thank You Mom

This “Thank You Mom” spot has a warm and fuzzy feeling to it despite it featuring cold, winter sports. The ad already has nearly 4 million views in the four days it’s been online. The spot is beautifully done by the creative agency Wieden + Kennedy out of Portland, Oregon.

For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger. For giving us the encouragement to try again. Thank you, Mom. Learn more about P&G Thank You, Mom at

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