Arnold Plays Table Tennis in Super Bowl Spot

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in an ad earlier this month with a wig and warming up for table tennis battle. Now we see more of what the ad for Bud Light means. A random guy named Ian ends up having a wild night in Vegas. It’s a bit like the Hangover movie but only a bit more tame. Ian (we’re told not an actor) gets a Bud Light from an attractive woman (an actor) and is asked if he is up for “whatever happens next” and like any dude in Vegas would do he says yes.

arnold Super Bowl

Apparently this was all real and filmed as we see it. It feels authentic when you see the dude’s reactions to the various people he meets along the way. Especially after the table tennis battle with Arnold. Arnold with long hair looks hilarious and in classic Arnold fashion he makes Ian hit a front double bicep and knock out some pushups.

Bud Light will air this footage in two condensed versions this weekend during the Super Bowl.

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised, please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.